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The author is not pictured.

I used an expert-recommended strategy to pay off $40,000 of student loans, and 6 apps can help anyone do the same

Overwhelmed by debt and not sure how to get out from under it? Use these online tools to automate your debt payoff plan and simplify the process.
Paying off student loan debt is hard, no matter which strategy you use. The author is not pictured.

I paid off $40,000 of student loans in 2 years thanks to a math-based strategy I’d recommend to just about anyone

Wondering how to get out of student-loan debt? Consider the debt-avalanche strategy, which helped one man pay off his student loans in two years.

How to consolidate your student loans to lower your interest rate and make a single payment every month

Consolidating student loans streamlines your loans into a single monthly payment, and can potentially give you a lower interest rate.

US consumer debt jumped to nearly $4.1 trillion in May

A solid pace of credit growth can point to a positive outlook for consumer spending, which accounts for more than two-thirds of economic activity.

I’ve paid off more than $8,000 of credit card debt so far, and I couldn’t have done it without a free tool anyone can use

To track my debt-payoff progress, I used Google Spreadsheets, which I love because it's simple, shareable, and keeps me accountable to my goals.
Personal bankruptcies are largely driven by unexpected causes.

Staggering medical bills are the biggest driver of personal bankruptcies in the US. Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking about ...

What causes personal bankruptcy? Typically, unexpected changes in circumstances. Here's what you should know if it happens to you.

Federal debt is projected to jump to a record 144% of GDP by 2049, CBO says

The federal debt is projected to jump to post-World War II levels this year and reach unprecedented levels over the next three decades.
A small habit change made a big impact. The author is not pictured.

I’ve paid off over $8,000 of credit card debt thanks to a simple habit change I didn’t realize I needed to make

She didn't realize that paying only the monthly minimum payment wasn't enough, and her credit card debt continued to grow.
The couple is not pictured.

A couple who paid off $133,000 in debt, including 16 student loans, swears by a stunningly simple trick to keep from overspending

During their debt payoff period, the couple implemented the zero-sum budgeting method and bought their everyday items with cash only.
Bachelorette and bachelor parties are the second-most expensive bridal-party relate purchase, according to a CompareCards survey.

A recent survey found that a third of wedding party members go into debt for their friends’ weddings

Being in a wedding party can cost a few thousand dollars and possibly the relationship with the bride, according to a CompareCards survey.