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Occupy Wall Street demonstrators participate in a protest against the rising national student debt in Union Square, in New York, April 25, 2012.

Student debt has prevented hundreds of thousands of millennials from buying homes, Fed says

Mounting student debt has weighed on homeownership among young Americans, the Federal Reserve said in a new report.
Using credit cards can lead to mindless purchases.

I stopped using credit cards completely in an attempt to get out of debt — here’s what happened

Laura McCamy stopped using credit cards to pay off her debt — but there are some unexpected problems that come with cutting the cards.
A trader works at his desk ahead of the closing bell on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), December 17, 2018 in New York City.

A reliable stock-market indicator is rolling over, and its a ‘warning’ sign for investors

Bank of America just highlighted declining NYSE margin debt as a warning sign for US equities.
Traders work on the main floor of the BM&F Bovespa stock exchange market in Sao Paulo October 10, 2008.

HSBC: These 10 risks could throw the markets and economy for a loop in 2019

Trade tensions, impact from climate change, and corporate debt at an all-time high were among the items HSBC said were the top 10 risks in 2019.
A student carries her lunch tray at Salusbury Primary School in northwest London June 11, 2014. This September, a new government scheme plans to give free meals to all reception, year 1 and 2 students registered in England's state-funded schools. Local media reports that this will amount to saving families about ?400 a year per child.

A school in Rhode Island hired a collection agency to recoup lunch debts, and this isn’t the first time it’s happened

Cranston School District told parents in a letter that they were hiring a collections agency to address debts owed for school lunches.
Tally cofounders Jason Brown and Jasper Platz.

The CEO of a startup that raised $25 million hopes people eventually think of his personal-finance app like a washing machine

Tally cofounder and CEO Jason Brown envisions a world "where all of your financial decisions and financial work will be done invisibly."

Paul Ryan says one of his biggest regrets is the ballooning federal deficit. The evidence shows he has himself to blame.

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday said one of his biggest letdowns was the increasing federal deficit, but he helped make the debt situation worse.

Malaysia is offering a tax exemption for women who return to work in 2019 – and it could last for a whole year

If you're a Malaysian woman who is unemployed, this could be your calling to land a job again.

Trump is suddenly obsessed with the ballooning federal deficit after his signature legislative victories caused it to explode

President Donald Trump is suddenly focused on the federal deficit, despite helping to add billions of dollars in new debt over the past two years.
Adeola Omole built a seven-figure net worth.

A Canadian woman went from $70,000 in debt to a 7-figure net worth by building a new habit into her day

Adeola Omole paid off $70,000 of debt in three years and built a seven-figure net worth by living her life "half off." Here's her best money tip.