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Jeff Bezos says a 3-word phrase can help you make decisions quickly and become a better leader

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos champions the "disagree and commit" strategy to make sure everyone's ideas are heard but a decision is still reached.
It's simple, but underused, advice.

There’s a science-backed trick for making smarter, quicker decisions

A professor recommends that you make a decision either by having someone choose for you or by pretending you're choosing for someone else.
Don't eliminate intuition entirely.

A Nobel Prize-winning psychologist says the most successful decision-makers know how to use their gut feelings in a way the rest of us don’t

To make a good decision, delay your intuition until you've gathered all the necessary information, says psychologist Daniel Kahneman.
What do you work on in your spare time? Harj Taggar pictured.

Before joining the accelerator that launched AirBnb, Dropbox, and Instacart, Harj Taggar was in law school — and he used a simple strategy to de...

Former Y Combinator partner Harj Taggar says he made the decision to leave law school and start a business by getting very specific about the risks. In his case, the worst-case scenario was that his business would fail and he'd re-enroll in law school the following year.
Patrick McGinnis is a VC who makes some of his more important decisions using a strategy similar to writing an investment memo.

A Wall Streeter turned venture capitalist uses a strategy from his investing career to make the personal decisions that stress him out most

In an interview with The New York Times' Tim Herrera, the entrepreneur and investor Patrick McGinnis discussed how the so-called fear of better options could lead to being overly hesitant in taking decisions.
AppDynamics Jyoti Bansal

‘Jugs of coffee, lots of Advil, and we didn’t sleep for 4 days’: A startup founder reveals what it was like to sell his company for ...

Jyoti Bansal's company, AppDynamics, received an offer to sell five days before it was slated to IPO. Here's how Bansal made his decision.
Learn the error of your ways.

12 bad decisions you make every day without realizing

You make choices with your email, social media, online dating, and more every day without thinking about it. Here are some of the ones to watch out for.
Musk predicted self-driving cars would hit the streets in the next two years.

Elon Musk asks himself 6 questions before every major decision at Tesla and SpaceX

Elon Musk uses a six-question scientific method anytime he needs to come up with an idea, solve a problem, or decide whether to start a business.

A neuroscientist says you might be luckier than you think — here’s how to find out

Neuroscientist Moran Cerf has been studying decision-making for over a decade, and he's developed a way to determine how lucky people really are.
Don't get stuck in the planning stage. Make a decision.

A CEO says she learned one of her most important career lessons during a ‘tough love’ phone call from her boss

Venture capitalist Susan Lyne has been an executive at many companies, and she learned the best way to make decisions when you're the one at the top.