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I saved $20 on food delivery fees with Seamless+ — it’s worth it if you order at least once a week

For $10 a month, GrubHub+ and Seamless+ will waive delivery fees that add up. I saved $20 in the first two weeks and plan to keep using it.
Subway is selling sandwich ingredients through its new grocery service at more than 250 stores.

Chains like Subway and Panera are selling groceries, including loaves of bread, milk, and even toilet paper, as grocery stores struggle with shortages...

Chains including Panera, Subway, Potbelly, and Fuddruckers are among those now selling grocery items at some locations.
Uber and Lyft driver Adama Fofana sprays disinfectant in his car in New York City.

More than 1,000 Uber and Lyft drivers told us they’re putting their lives at risk to make just $2.50 an hour with meager support from the compan...

Some Uber and Lyft drivers say they've seen earnings drop dramatically, and promises of cleaning supplies or paid leave haven't materialized.
As an American millennial, I take stocked grocery shelves for granted.

My unsuccessful 2-week search for a DiGiorno’s frozen pizza has driven home the feeling that life as we know it is no more

The mysterious case of the missing DiGiorno's supreme pizza, and why its absence has hit home the reality of the pandemic for this millennial.
"When I think about nutrition, I oftentimes lean towards positive nutrition, " Rachael Hartley told Insider. "What can we add in instead of what should we take out?"

12 healthier dinner options you can order from Chinese takeout menus

From plant-based dishes like Buddha's delight to a healthier spin on fried rice, these Chinese takeout menu items can be both nutritious and delicious.
Ordering delivery is a direct way to help out your favorite restaurant.

8 ways to help the service industry without going out

These are the best ways to help out the service industry, from buying gift cards to T-shirts to bottles of gin.

The best pharmacy delivery services

Many prescription delivery services ship medications right to your door, making it easy to refill prescriptions without commuting to a pharmacy.
Businesses and workers are stepping up to the challenge of staying afloat during a pandemic.

8 creative ways that retailers, restaurants, and service workers are staying afloat during coronavirus shutdowns

Coronavirus-related shutdowns have been catastrophic for retailers, restaurants, and workers. Here are eight tactics many are using to stay afloat.
A McDonald's employee wears a face mask as a Glovo delivery courier picks up an order.

Experts explain how to safely order takeout and delivery food amid the coronavirus pandemic

Is it safe to order delivery? To pick up takeout? Business Insider asked two medical experts how to safely order food during the coronavirus pandemic.