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People are re-creating their favorite McDonald's dishes at home.

McDonald’s went from testing delivery to offering it at 5,000 locations across America in less than 2 years, and it represents a massive shift i...

McDonald's has gone from testing delivery at 200 stores to partnering with UberEats at more than 5,000 locations across America in less than two years. The chain's approach to delivery represents a new strategy for McDonald's — one that prioritizes "progress over perfection."
IHOP's pancakes and burger.

IHOP is launching delivery following its high-profile IHOb drama — and the chain is delivering pancakes and burgers

IHOP is launching delivery at 300 locations across the United States on Tuesday. The chain partnered with DoorDash to offer delivery, and it plans to roll out the service at up to 700 locations by the end of the year.

Amazon needs help delivering packages. Here’s how to cash in.

Amazon is promising massive profits to anyone who wants to start a delivery company with a minimum $10,000 investment. Here's how to apply to become an Amazon delivery service partner.
Amazon is seeking new delivery partners for Prime delivery jobs.

Amazon is advertising massive profits up to $300,000 to anyone who wants to start a delivery company

Amazon is offering new incentives to anyone who wants a Prime delivery job to open and run a courier business. The business would deliver packages for the e-commerce behemoth.
Workers prepare orders for customers at the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Tracy, California, November 29, 2015.

Silicon Valley believes driverless trucks and drones will soon transform how we get things — but truckers and warehouse workers disagree

While Amazon fulfillment centers and other warehouses are full of technology, not all logistics executives and managers are gung-ho about automation. Only 11% of managers say that robots are a threat to their industry, and 21% believe they have no impact at all.

CVS just made a move that could protect itself from Amazon

On Tuesday, CVS Health said it would start to offer a prescription delivery at its 9,800 pharmacies. In some cities, that delivery will happen the same day the prescription's ordered.
Amazon Fresh is ending its third-party vendor sales.

Amazon is dropping local third-party vendors from its Fresh grocery service

Amazon Fresh told its Local Market third-party vendors in an email that it would no longer allow them to sell on its platform, but it will offer other options to get their goods on the service.
Chains are turning to delivery to boost sales

Fast food is in the middle of a delivery revolution, and it’s terrible news for some chains

Chains including Panera, Chipotle, and McDonald's are making a major push towards delivery — a boon for restaurants as it increases how much people spend, brings in new customers, and fosters loyalty.

Chipotle’s delivery sales are exploding, and the CEO says it’s great news for the struggling chain in more ways than one

Chipotle's delivery sales are skyrocketing after it announced a deal with DoorDash. On Tuesday, the fast-casual chain shared that delivery orders had increased 667% since announcing its partnership with DoorDash on April 30.
Panera is now delivering food across the United States.

Panera almost killed its delivery test 4 years ago — now it’s dominating the industry and rolling out across the US

On Tuesday, Panera announced that delivery is now available in 897 cities and 43 states nationwide. While delivery has taken the restaurant industry by storm in recent years, Panera CEO Blaine Hurst said that the service was not originally close to the guaranteed hit it is today.