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Uber Eats is testing a dine-in option.

Uber Eats is quietly testing a ‘dine-in’ option for customers who want to eat in restaurants

Customers in Austin, Texas, can now choose to "dine-in" in addition to ordering delivery or pick-up when using the Uber Eats app.

This online startup makes shopping and caring for beautiful house plants convenient and easy — even for people who don’t think they have a...

The founders of Léon & George, a full-service online startup that delivers potted, responsibly sourced plants right to your door, wants to show people that owning plants can actually be hassle-free.
Amazon is gearing up for delivery drones.

Amazon got clearance to build drones that can carry out surveillance on customers’ homes between deliveries

The patent describes how Amazon's drones could be primarily used for delivery, but could be asked by customers to check up on their properties.

Plant delivery startup The Sill makes it easy to learn about which plants are right for your home — here’s how it works

We love The Sill not only for its large variety of affordable indoor houseplants but also the support that helps you make the most of the experience.

Amazon will start sharing some delivery drivers’ names and photos with customers

The Amazon drivers' names and photos will be displayed similarly to how Uber and Lyft share driver information.

Amazon Day is a new Prime-member perk from Amazon that allows you to schedule your package deliveries — here’s how it works

It's a great option to use if you regularly order from Amazon, aren't in a rush to receive your item immediately, and want to reduce packaging waste.

Target is doubling down on same-day delivery as Walmart and Amazon spar over one-day delivery

The retailer announced that a total of 65,000 items will be available for same-day delivery on Target.com.

Winc helped me figure out which types of wine I like best and what food to pair them with — here’s how the popular online wine club works

Winc's easy-to-use wine shopping platform lets you get past your limited wine experience to fully enjoy a glass at home. Here's how it works.

FedEx ditching Amazon is a ‘watershed moment’ that has huge implications for the future of logistics

FedEx announced it would no longer deliver packages for Amazon in the US as the logistics industry contends with the threat of Amazon Air.

Walmart explains why it isn’t racing to close its biggest gap with Amazon on next-day delivery

Walmart's next-day delivery service covers 220,000 items. By comparison, Amazon's next-day shipping for Prime members covers 10 million products.