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Michael Dell

Carl Icahn comes out swinging against Dell’s $21.7 billion VMware deal that could see it return to the stock market

"Clearly Michael Dell and Silver Lake take us for fools if they think that we would exchange this future value potential for only $94 per share," Icahn said. "I intend to do everything in my power to STOP this proposed DVMT merger."

Dell will reportedly cut up to 3,000 jobs now that its mega-merger with EMC is done

Huge mergers often include job cuts, and Dell EMC appears to be no exception.

Dell’s historically huge $67 billion purchase of EMC will happen on September 7

On September 7, EMC's 50,000-ish employees will officially join Dell, which will be renamed Dell Technologies.

Michael Dell just took a veiled shot at Meg Whitman

Michael Dell's comments about other companies "shrinking their way to success" was basically a jab at his arch-rival Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

US regulators have approved Dell’s $67 billion purchase of EMC

The Dell-EMC megamerger has cleared the FTC waiting period, meaning US regulators are OK with it.

EMC CEO promises that Michael Dell will not raid VMware’s cash

EMC CEO gave VMware investors a big sales pitch as to why the proposed acquisition of EMC by Dell for a whopping $67 billion, will be good for them.

Why Dell thinks it’s a great time to be in the PC market

PC maker Dell was at CES and said that consolidation in the market is helping big players, despite the overall market's troubles.

A battered market is about to face a ‘real life test’

Hung deals typically occur when a bank provides bridge financing on an acquisition, expecting that loan to be refinanced in the bond market at a later date.

Dell filing shows why it really needs the EMC merger — it lost money last year and revenue is shrinking

For the first time since going private in 2013, Dell gives a peek into its finances in an SEC filing, part of its planned $67 billion acquisition of EMC