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Our Virgin Atlantic Airbus A330 Beauty Queen.

I flew Virgin Atlantic from London to New York to see if Richard Branson’s airline is still one of the world’s best — here’s t...

Virgin Atlantic is the crown jewel of Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson's aviation portfolio. Even though 80% of the airline's shares are owned by Air France-KLM and Delta, it's still quintessentially Sir Richard.

US airlines caved to China’s ‘Orwellian’ demands on Taiwan — but now Beijing says it’s not enough

US airlines have dropped all references to Taiwan being a country, after demands from Beijing that the White House called "Orwellian." But the aviation authority said the change is "incomplete" and it may consider taking action against the carriers.

Delta’s website suffered a glitch that wouldn’t let some people buy tickets, and passengers are not happy

The official website of Delta Air Lines experienced a technical issue that wouldn't let some passengers buy tickets. On Twitter, customers complained that the website would not let them complete their purchase or enter credit-card information.

Airplane seats are smaller than ever, but the CEOs of Delta and American vow they won’t shrink anymore

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker and Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian pledged that the seats in their planes will not get any less roomy than they already are in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.
Air France offers Givenchy pajamas and amenity kits to its La Première customers.

These are some of the most expensive items you get when you fly first class

First class flying usually includes entertainment systems and gourmet meals. In addition to these services, many first-class passengers get designer amenity kits and luxurious bedding — which they sometimes keep. See some of the most expensive products you get in first class

Airlines warned fuel prices were a growing threat, but it just became clear how terrible the situation has become

Delta Air Lines reported second-quarter 2018 profits of $1.025 billion on $11.775 billion in revenue. Even with record high revenues, the airline's profits fell by $161 million because of the extra $654 million it had to spend of fuel.
A Delta Boeing 757.

Delta’s guidance comes up short as rising fuel costs weigh

Delta Air Lines beat on both the top and bottom lines, but its third-quarter and full-year earnings guidance missed Wall Street estimates as rising fuel costs weighed.

Delta’s new Boeing 777 has one major advantage over its rivals

Delta Air Lines unveiled renovated seats in its Boeing 777 aircraft. All three sections of the plane will be updated, with wider seats in the main cabin and a new 3-3-3 configuration.

Mysterious airline fees are costing passengers hundreds of dollars and no one knows what they go to pay for

Major US airlines such as American, Delta, and United are charging passengers hundreds of dollars in "carrier-imposed fees" on international flights. However, airlines won't tell us what these fees or surcharges pay for.
JetBlue Mint first class cabin.

These are America’s favorite airlines in 2018, according to passengers

We have the 2018 customer experience rankings for 11 domestic airlines. Jetblue Airways came in first yet again while Spirit Airlines finished in last. Allegiant Air and Delta Air Lines all made strides.