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An Air Italy Airbus A330-200 arrived in New York.

This single flight shows the complexities of the airline industry’s nastiest feud

Air Italy launched its new New York to Milan flight last week. With the arrival of Qatar Airways bankrolled Air Italy, all six carriers involved in the airline industry's nastiest feud compete on a single route.
Delta Air Lines introduced the new uniforms in late May.

Delta’s new uniforms are giving some flight attendants rashes

Dellta Air Lines' new uniforms are causing discomfort and beginning to fall apart for some employees, Chicago Business Journal first reported. The most common problem has come from an apron strap that irritated the necks of some flight attendants.
A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX.

Here are the 10 airlines people like and hate the most in North America

Southwest Airlines finished at the top of JD Power's "North American Airlines Satisfaction Study" for the second year in a row. Overall, the study found that people were happier than ever with airlines in the US and Canada.
Delta's new uniforms.

Delta’s 64,000 employees now have new designer uniforms

Delta Air Lines' 64,000 uniformed employees now have new Zac Posen-designed, Lands' End-produced workwear. The traditional navy blue uniforms have been replaced by an eye-catching plum hue.

The nastiest feud in the airline industry isn’t over just yet

The Trump administration and the UAE government agreed to quell the nastiest dispute in the airline industry for a year. However, whether things have really changed is uncleawr

A Delta passenger is going to jail for two years after punching a flight attendant and hitting another passenger with a wine bottle

A Delta Air Lines passenger who pleaded guilty in February to three counts of assault on an aircraft and one count of interfering with a flight-crew member was sentenced to two years in prison on Tuesday, The Seattle Times reports.

Scared Delta passengers forced to evacuate plane after smoke pours into cabin

A Delta Air Lines flight was evacuated on Tuesday evening after smoke began to fill the cabin, NBC affiliate KUSA reports. The flight landed and was taxiing to its gate before passengers noticed the smoke. One person was taken to a nearby hospital for unspecified reasons, according to KUSA.
American Airlines CEO Doug Parker.

The airline industry’s greatest enemy is back and it’s going to drive up ticket prices for customers

American Airlines reported a 25.8% increase in fuel expenses during the first quarter of 2018. Since last summer, the price of crude oil has increased by 60%. American Airlines CEO believes a sustained increase in fuel prices will lead to higher ticket prices for flyers.
Nathan Saliagas said the airline didn't fulfill his request for a special wheelchair for his mother's trip from Atlanta to Amsterdam.

A Delta passenger with multiple sclerosis was tied to a wheelchair with a blanket for transport, family says

A Delta Air Lines passenger named Maria Saliagas was tied to a wheelchair with a blanket after the airline failed to provide a wheelchair with extra straps for her flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam, her son told WSB-TV.

Delta flight makes an emergency landing in Atlanta after smoke came out of an engine

The Delta Air Lines flight returned to Atlanta and was hosed down by aircraft rescue and firefighting units.