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Kate visited a KFC in Thailand.

The Drive-Thru: Coronavirus changes retailers’ cleaning and sick-leave policies

The coronavirus is getting major retailers to change their sick-leave policies. Read about it in this week's edition of The Drive-Thru.
Costco stores across the US saw massive crowds shopping to prepare for a crisis.

The Drive-Thru: Coronavirus impacts everyone in retail, from execs to employees and consumers

The coronavirus is hitting all levels of the retail industry. Read about it in our breakdown in this week's edition of The Drive-Thru.
Shoppers pass through a Woolworth store in Berlin, Germany.

10 US chain stores where everyone used to shop that no longer exist today

From Woolworth to Marshall Fields, here are 10 US chain stores where everyone shopped back in the day but have since closed.
Irene celebrated Valentine's Day at White Castle and saw why so many people love to do it.

The Drive-Thru: Victoria’s Secret changes, problems at Target, and moldy Whoppers

Victoria's Secret is sold, investigations at Target, and moldy Whoppers at Burger King. Read what happened this week in retail in The Drive-Thru.
We went on a treasure hunt at Nordstrom Rack.

We compared the shopping experience at Nordstrom’s and Bloomingdale’s discount stores and while both were messy, the former was much more ...

We recently shopped at Nordstrom Rack and Bloomingdale's The Outlet stores in New York City to see how the shopping experiences compared.
Bloomingdale's The Outlet in Manhattan.

We shopped at Bloomingdale’s off-price store and found the deals were worth sorting through the massive mess

We visited Bloomingdale's The Outlet in Manhattan, and though it was a bit of a disorganized mess, it was also packed with devoted bargain hunters.
We visited a Macy's Backstage store.

We went shopping at Macy’s Backstage and saw why the department-store chain is banking on its off-price model to turn things around

Macy's is adding a total of 57 Backstage locations in 2020. We went to a Macy's Backstage to see why this is happening.

The rise and fall of Kohl’s, the Midwestern department store that took over the nation with discounts and celebrity partnerships

Kohl's, the Midwestern-based department store chain, is embarking on a major restructuring plan in hopes of saving the struggling company.
Kohl's SVP of communications said the retailer was operating "from a position of financial strength."

Kohl’s cuts 250 jobs while arguing that it is operating from ‘a position of financial strength’

Jen Johnson, Kohl's senior vice president of communications, said the move was made to support the company's "long-term sustainable growth."
Shoppers walk by a small-format city Target store.

The retail apocalypse has forced stores to abandon the mall and transform into a destination where shoppers can take a ‘vacation from reality...

Traditional retailers and big-box brands are pivoting to small-format concept stores to experiment with new retail strategies and curb costs.