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Macy's just reported weak earnings for the second quarter.

Macy’s blamed a ‘mounting problem’ of unsold inventory and heavy discounting for weaker-than-expected earnings

In a call with investors, Macy's cited excess inventory and heavy markdowns as a significant driver of low performance in the second quarter.
The interior of House of Showfields show.

We went to the first-ever ‘retail theater’ show at ‘the most interesting store in the world’ — here’s what we saw

We experienced the first-of-its-kind retail theater production and saw how stores can adapt the Showfields model to survive in modern retail.
The interior of House of Showfields show.

The ‘most interesting store in the world’ has a show with 5 actors, a gold-encrusted elevator, and a secret room behind a library — ...

We experienced the first-of-its-kind retail theater production and saw how stores can adapt the Showfields model to survive in modern retail.
Customers browsed the shoe department of Wieboldt's department store in 1961.

28 photos that show the rise and fall of department stores

Online sales have placed a major strain on department stores. While some have filed for bankruptcy, others have taken drastic measures to stay afloat.
Macy's said it would pull a set of plates from its stores.

Macy’s says it will pull ‘mom jeans’ plates from stores after furious customers accused them of ‘fat shaming’

Macy's said it would stop selling the plates, which have painted circles outlining what seem to be portion sizes.
Russia's most iconic department store is in the heart of Moscow's Red Square.

I visited Russia’s most iconic department store, a 126-year-old building in the heart of Moscow. It was a far cry from most American shopping ce...

On a recent trip to Moscow, I visited GUM, the department store in the heart of Red Square. It was nothing like US shopping centers I've been to.
A JCPenney catalog from its heyday.

The 117-year rise and fall of JCPenney, one of America’s largest department stores

Once one of America's top department stores, JCPenney has struggled after a series of missteps. Here's how it has fallen from grace.

Department stores are shutting down across the country — here’s the list of Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Kohl’s stores that have clo...

Macy's, Nordstrom, Kohl's, and JCPenney are closing dozens of stores in 2019. Here's the full list of closing department stores.
Close to 200 Stein Mart stores are getting a small upgrade.

Another discount department store announced a new partnership with Amazon

Discount department store Stein Mart is giving shoppers a new reason to come to its 200 stores: Amazon.
Some of JCPenney's stores are outdated and messy.

We went to JCPenney to see why sales are sinking — and it revealed why giant mall-based department stores are dying

We visited two mall-based JCPenney stores in Richmond, Virginia, and found empty shelves, messy displays, and abandoned cash registers.