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Kylian Mbappè of Paris Saint-Germain.

19-year-old French wunderkind Kylian Mbappé reportedly demanded a private jet as part of his $200 million signing to Paris Saint-Germain

An investigation by Der Spiegel found that Kylian Mbappé made several prima donna demands during contract negotiations with Paris Saint-Germain.

Der Spiegel’s latest cover features Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un sitting on a warhead in diapers

US President Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un are on Der Spiegel's latest cover amid rising tensions in the Korean peninsula.

Der Spiegel published a very graphic cover on Trump’s immigration ban

The German magazine continued to mock the US president, criticizing his executive order barring people from seven Muslim-majority countries from the US.

German magazine features striking photo of Donald Trump in front of flames and the US flag

The prominent German magazine Der Spiegel's latest cover featured Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.