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I tried out 7 startups that aim to make it easier and cheaper to go to the doctor. An online dermatology visit turned out to be the best one.

Getting my skin checked out in a virtual doctor visit was the most useful way for me to access an appointment I would have otherwise put off.
A dermatologist recently started his own platform for cheaper skin medications.

The doctor who helped create a skin-care line for Amazon just started a new website to take on drug companies that charge $2,000 for common creams

Prescriptions to treat acne, burns, and growths can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. A new website will sell them for $24 to $60.
These are some of my go-to skin-care products.

I asked a dermatologist to critique my skin-care routine — here’s what I learned, plus products she recommended

I asked dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman to go over my skin-care routine with me so I could learn what I'm doing right, and what I'm doing wrong.
The horse medicine is packaged in a bulky plunger, designed to force the paste into the horse's mouth. Humans, however, are applying it their faces.

People are turning to medication made for horses to treat rosacea, and dermatologists are concerned

People are using medicine intended for horses with parasite infections to treat the skin disease rosacea, drawing the concern of dermatologists.

3 science-backed skin-care tricks for a more glowing complexion in one month

Skin care is a long-term investment, but there are a few things you can do at home to help your face look younger and livelier in just a month. A dermatologist reveals her three go-to home remedies for better skin.

Photos of a scaly, discolored patch of skin on Trump’s face have gone viral — here’s what it is, according to a Yale dermatologist

A photo of President Donald Trump that surfaced last week revealed a rough patch of skin on his cheek. A dermatologist needed only one look to guess what it was: keratosis. "Trump was recently frozen," she said.

An experimental acne drug just failed two key clinical trials — and the stock’s getting obliterated

Dermatology biotech Dermira said on Monday that its experimental drug to treat acne failed two key clinical trials.

The only right way to pop your pimples

Dermatologists ...

How long your sunscreen actually protects you, according to dermatologists

Experts recommend carrying a bottle of sunscreen around with you, even on cloudy or rainy summer days. But just because you put on sunscreen in the morning doesn't mean you're safe to be out all day. Here's how often you need to reapply to get full protection.

One of the most popular ways of keeping your skin healthy is bogus — here’s what you should do instead

Anti-wrinkle creams are peddled aggressively at women, but dermatologists say they don't work. Instead, you should protect your skin to prevent damage.