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Carson Wentz and Mitch Trubisky both look to be the future of their respective franchises, having taken over the starting job early in their careers.

The NFL’s biggest quarterback problem was quietly fixed thanks to players starting earlier and lasting longer

Between Tom Brady and other veteran quarterbacks proving that age is just a number, and a few recent rookie classes that have been ready to start right out of the gate, the NFL has suddenly solved its quarterback problem.

Texans’ ugly loss to the struggling Colts hinted at how valuable Deshaun Watson already is

The Texans were outside contenders for a playoff spot before their star rookie went down with a devastating ACL tear.

Texans star rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson reportedly tore his ACL and is done for the season

The Houston Texans suffered a brutal blow on Thursday when it was reported Deshaun Watson may have torn his ACL during practice.

Deshaun Watson had his best game yet against the Seahawks’ vaunted defense and is quickly becoming the steal of the draft

Richard Sherman told Deshaun Watson that he played the best game their secondary has ever seen.

Texans coach used to text quizzes to his rookie quarterback who’s now lighting it up — and he was never able to stump him

Deshaun Watson impressed Bill O'Brien early on with his football knowledge and studying habits.

Rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson donated his first game check to stadium cafeteria workers who were affected by Hurricane Harvey

Deshaun Watson will get a lot of game checks in his career, but his first one went to three NRG Stadium cafeteria workers who were affected by Hurricane Harvey

Agent of Texans’ benched quarterback lashes out at team for changing quarterbacks after just 2 quarters

Tom Savage's agent Neil Schwartz felt that 31 plays was much too short of a leash for the Texans to give Savage.

Chart shows how much of a stretch it would be if the Browns drafted Mitchell Trubisky with the first pick

This year's quarterback class is a lot closer to Brandon Weeden, Christian Ponder, and Tim Tebow, than they are to Andrew Luck.

Where all the top QB prospects are projected to go in the NFL Draft

It seems like nobody can agree on who will take the top quarterbacks or even when they might be selected.