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These windows serve a practical and otherworldly purpose.

The explanation behind 6 popular design elements on buildings

Some paint colors are said to keep spirits at bay and many buildings skip elevator numbers because they think they're unlucky.
Jennifer Lawrence's style has changed a lot over the years.

36 photos that show how Jennifer Lawrence’s style has evolved over time

In the last 10 years, Jennifer Lawrence has changed her red-carpet style dramatically, from simple silhouettes to glamorous designs by Dior.
This seems dangerous.

A woman asked people to send her the ‘worst’ design and architecture pictures they have, and the dozens of responses are hilarious

From poorly designed bathrooms to oddly placed appliances, these architectural fails will have you laughing out loud.
Jay Leno is left-handed.

16 little ways that the world is designed for right-handed people

Lefties have to endure lots of little struggles in a world designed for the right-handed, from swiping credit cards to cutting with scissors.
Costco has a lot of furniture and home-decor items for sale.

10 things an interior designer would buy at Costco right now

The wholesale retailer has stylish patio sets, patterned accent chairs, metallic end tables, and more home decor items.

Amazon is advertising a $16 ‘Thinking Egg’ that is supposed to ‘bring ease and mindfulness,’ but it’s just a metal pebbl...

The egg was shown at the top of the website's Unique Finds page as "a useful reminder to help bring ease and mindfulness to the present moment."

18 retail startups that are using psychology, sustainability, and the internet age to reinvent how they package their products

Product packaging should tell a story in a memorable way. Now, it's also counting factors like sustainability and accessibility into that story.
Charlize Theron has made subtle changes to her style over the years.

28 photos that show how Charlize Theron’s style has evolved through the years

Over the last 20 years of her career, the "Atomic Blonde" star's sense of fashion has definitely transformed.

This is the best new smartphone of 2019 so far, and it costs only $500

If you'd told me last year that the most exciting Android smartphone of 2019 would come from Asus — not Google, or Samsung — I'd call you crazy.
The Golden Gate Bridge isn't the only site architects had other plans for.

13 photos that show what New York, London, and other major cities almost looked like, based on old city designs

The Golden Gate Bridge, the Times Square Tower, and the House of Parliament could have looked very different based on these unburied city plans.