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Hershey's has an exciting new release for fans of caramel.

Hershey’s is now selling caramel-flavored whipped cream

Hershey's Caramel Whipped Topping has already been spotted in stores and it sounds like the perfect topping for iced coffee and ice-cream sundaes.
Ben & Jerry’s Phish & Chips.

Ben & Jerry’s has launched a new deep-fried ice cream that looks exactly like fish and chips

Phish & Chips is made with battered and fried Phish Food ice cream and served with mascarpone tartar sauce and raspberry ketchup.
A a sugar-rich diet can have negative effects on your overall health.

10 scary things that happen to your body when you eat too much sugar

From weight gain to increased risk of heart disease, a sugar-heavy diet has some not-so-sweet consequences.
Starbucks' Tie-Dye Frappuccino hits menus this week.

Starbucks’ limited-edition Frappuccinos often don’t look anything like their promo photos — see how they compare

Starbucks released a limited-edition Tie-Dye Frappuccino on July 10. But other Instagrammable Starbucks drinks haven't always been photogenic.
You can find some popular desserts at Costco.

10 fan-favorite desserts you can get from Costco

To help you find those sweet hidden gems, INSIDER poked through customer reviews and Reddit threads to find out the best Costco desserts.
I ate every menu item at Costco's food court, and the açai bowl is the one item I'd never order again.

I ate everything at Costco’s food court, and there was one item I’d absolutely never order again

I ate everything on Costco's food court menu, and the açai bowl was by far the worst item on the menu.

14 of the best desserts to buy at Trader Joe’s

The grocery-store chain is known for its specialty pies, ice-cream flavors, and other snacks. Here are some sweet treats you can find at Trader Joe's.
When the woman arrived at the register, Walmart employees alleged that she demanded a discount because "half the cake was missing."

A woman has been banned from Walmart after she reportedly ate half a cake in the store and then refused to pay full price

When the woman arrived at the register, Walmart employees said that she demanded a discount because "half the cake was missing."
LongHorn's Steak and Bourbon Ice Cream.

You can now buy ice cream that tastes just like steak and bourbon topped with whipped cream and meat ‘sprinkles’

LongHorn Steakhouse recently announced the release of a new dessert item that's sure to be a hit with lovers of steak and bourbon.
Nestlé Toll House has rolled out a line of edible cookie dough that is safe to eat straight from the pint.

You can now buy edible cookie dough from Nestlé Toll House that’s safe to eat straight from the tub

The raw egg-free cookie dough is available in two flavors: "Chocolate Chip" and "Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Monster."