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Cunard was ranked as one of the top luxury cruise liners in the world.

The 8 best luxury cruise lines in the world, ranked

These high-end cruise lines offer packages ranging from globe-spanning 93-day voyages to shorter trips visiting small ports along the Amalfi coast.

The 12 best hotels in Chicago

We selected the best hotels in Chicago for 2020 based on our reviews and research, as well as pricing and ratings from sites such as Trip Advisor and Booking.com.
Iceland's Blue Lagoon.

The most iconic tourist attraction in 26 countries around the world

There's something powerful about finally seeing a famous landmark or natural wonder in person instead of on a postcard (or on Instagram).
Join thousands of other tourists in Venice — or don't.

20 of the most overrated travel destinations around the world

There are plenty of destinations around the world that are worth a long plane ride or a splurge. But there are also traveler favorites that simply don't deserve their accolades.
King penguins.

8 unexpected places to see penguins in the wild around the world

You may think penguins live in the Arctic tundra, but the aquatic birds can be found on beaches, islands, and shorelines across the Southern Hemisphere.
Melissa Roy in Liberia, one of the 193 countries she's visited.

34-year-old Melissa Roy just became the first South Asian woman to visit every country in the world —and she did it on her own dime

Melissa Roy is the first South Asian woman to visit all 193 countries. Even more impressively, she did it without a single sponsorship deal.
Villas at Baros Maldives start at about $700 per night and can cost upwards of $2,000.

A private island in the Maldives was just named the world’s most romantic resort for the 7th year in a row. Here’s a look inside the resor...

Guests at Baros Maldives, the world's most romantic resort, can choose from 75 ultra-luxe villas, each with its own open-air bathroom and rain shower.
The wealthy are traveling everywhere from France and Turkey to India and Japan in 2019.

These were the 15 hottest destinations billionaires couldn’t get enough of in 2019

The ultrarich headed everywhere from France and Turkey to India and Japan in 2019, from sabbaticals to brief vacations.
Bodrum is a burgeoning luxury travel destination.

Forget Bali and Mykonos: An ancient port city in Turkey is the under-the-radar luxury hotspot to visit in 2020

The port city of Bodrum has been dubbed the "St. Tropez of Turkey" for its luxury hotels, beach clubs, food scene, and abundance of superyachts.
Mount Norquay in Banff, Canada.

Here are the 14 most popular ski and snowboard destinations for US travelers this season

From famous destinations like Aspen and Park City to quieter escapes in Montana and Oregon, these are the most popular ski resorts of the year.