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Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian

14 power couples that rule tech

Tech industry leaders are dating — and married to — prominent venture capitalists, models, athletes, and other powerful people.
Google has replaced Diane Greene as the head of its cloud business.

Google just named a former Oracle exec as the head of its giant cloud business

Diane Green is out, and the former Oracle executive Thomas Kurian is in at Google Cloud.
Andrew Moore

Google Cloud’s new AI chief is on a task force for AI military uses and believes we could monitor ‘pretty much the whole world’ with...

Andrew Moore, the dean of computer science at Carnegie Mellon is co-chairman of a task force that studies the national security implications pertaining to artificial intelligence. The other co-chair is Robert Work, the father of the military surveillance program, Project Maven.
Dr. Fei-Fei Li, an associate professor at Stanford and Google's chief AI scientist, speaks on an AI panel at the 2018 Next conference.

As expected, Google Cloud’s head of AI will step aside and be replaced by Carnegie Mellon’s Andrew Moore

As first reported by Business Insider, Dr. Fei-Fei Li will leave Cloud AI at the end of the year and will be replaced by Dr. Andrew Moore, an AI expert at Carnegie Mellon University.
Google Cloud chief Diane Greene

Google Cloud made big changes to its fraud-detection system in response to an angry customer complaint that went viral

The Google Cloud Platform has added more humans to its fraud-detection mix, so those overseeing accounts mistakenly accused of fraudulent activity can reach out for help, 24/7.
Diane Greene

A customer complaint about Google Cloud went viral last week, and now Google is doing damage control to ‘ensure this does not happen again’...

Google Cloud will examine the way its systems respond when they detect fraudulent activity. In one recent case, Google threatened to shut down the internet services of an energy-monitoring system.

Google Cloud freaked developers out when it reportedly threatened to automatically and permanently lock up a company’s critical app

Google Cloud was the target of criticism after a service that manages wind turbines said it was told it needed to verify its identity in three days or it would lose all its information — but the admin said they couldn't reach anyone at Google. The situation shows the limits of automated systems.
Diane Greene.

Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene suggests she’s a bit envious of Microsoft’s GitHub acquisition, says platform should remain independent

Diane Greene, Google's cloud chief, was interviewed at the annual "Most Powerful Women Evening" event and covered a lot of ground.
Google Cloud chief Diane Greene

Google promised to not make weapons but it will complete Project Maven contract

The decision is sure to anger some of Google's employees.

Almost half of Google’s management team is made up of women — here they are

Google's management team includes six women, making it one of the most gender-equal executive teams in tech.