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10 reasons you might be gaining weight that have nothing to do with your diet

Weight gain can sometimes be hard to source, but there is a good chance that it doesn't have anything to do with what you're eating.
Three to five days before the show, the models completely cut carbohydrates to eliminate any bloating.

The Victoria’s Secret models’ pre-show diet includes avocados and lots of nuts

Charles Passler, a nutritionist who works with Victoria's Secret models like Bella Hadid, explains what the models eat before the annual fashion show.

Here is what LeBron James eats to stay at the top of his game at an age when many other NBA players decline

LeBron James' diet isn't nearly as stringent as Tom Brady's and includes foods like egg whites, whole wheat pasta, salmon, chicken, and even wine.
Jenna Dewan frequently discusses the importance of eating healthy.

Jenna Dewan swears by green smoothies and hummus — here’s exactly what her ‘mostly vegan’ diet entails

Dewan needs a healthy diet to power her active lifestyle, which is why she said she doesn't diet and instead lives a "mostly vegan" lifestyle.
Lewis Hamilton.

This is everything vegan F1 champion Lewis Hamilton eats and drinks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

As five-time champion, Lewis Hamilton continues to dominate in Formula 1, but how does the racer fuel his body? Here's everything he eats and drinks.
A diet rich in plants is good for your brain and body.

12 healthy ingredients you should be adding to your salad

To dress up your salad, we talked to some expert dietitians to find out the healthiest additions that will make any salad satisfying.
This burger looks tempting but it'll make your hangover worse.

4 foods to avoid when you’re hungover

Wondering what to eat when you're hungover? INSIDER talked to a panel of experts to find out the foods you should avoid on your road to recovery.
Hot dogs can be eaten on the military diet.

People are trying the ‘military diet’ to try and lose weight fast — here’s why experts say they don’t recommend it

The military diet is becoming popular but is it safe? Here's what you need to know before you consider this diet.
There are a plenty of foods packed with protein that aren't eggs.

8 foods that have more protein than an egg

While eggs are a great source of protein, there are plenty of other foods packed with nutrients that'll keep you feeling full throughout your day.
Insects are surprisingly nutritious.

3 surprising reasons you should add bugs to your diet

Insects are surprisingly nutritious and they're much more environmentally friendly to farm than pigs or cattle.