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Last year, WW made several updates to its app.

Weight Watchers made a ‘healthy eating’ app for kids. Experts say it could saddle them with serious body image issues.

Weight Watchers has launched an app for kids to track their eating and rank foods as red, yellow, or green based on how high they are in calories.

I’ve tried dozens of protein bars, and none of them compare to these mouthwatering wafer treats

A good protein bar can be an essential part of your daily routine. My favorite is Optimum Nutrition's High Protein Wafer Bar because they taste great.
Bloating can signal something is wrong with your health.

7 signs your bloating could be a serious health problem

If your bloated belly is accompanied with symptoms like fatigue, loss of appetite, or joint pain, it may be more serious than a food baby.
While following the Whole30 diet you can eat asparagus and eggs.

5 of the biggest drawbacks of the Whole30 diet

From not being able to maintain weight loss to spending more money on food, the Whole30 diet isn't practical for everyone.
There are several reasons to cut out diary.

Here’s what happens to your body when you cut out dairy

Some people eliminate dairy in the hopes of weight-loss results and other health-related changes. But is this the best idea? Here's how dairy can affect your body.
Just because your poop schedule is different than someone else's doesn't mean it's unhealthy.

Brazil’s president wants people to ‘eat a little less’ so they poop every other day, but that’s not how the human body works

Diet, exercise, and genetics all play a role in how often people go number two. As a standard rule, you should poop at least three times weekly.
When the Queen speaks, the Bey Hive listens, even when it comes to dietary advice.

A tour of Beyoncé’s dieting history, from the Master Cleanse to her latest 22-day plan

The star has subsisted on a lemon water concoction, preached a common sense plant-based approach, and dabbled in plenty of eating patterns in between.
Roger Federer.

Everything tennis icon Roger Federer eats and drinks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Roger Federer is widely acknowledged as the greatest male tennis player of all time and fuels his body in a specific way.

Steve Jobs had an extreme diet that included fasting for days and eating the same vegetables over and over again — here’s what Apple’...

Some friends thought Apple's cofounder Steve Jobs was bulimic, since he would fast for several days at a time and binge on vegetables.
Before running as a democratic presidential candidate, Marianne Williamson was an author and "spiritual leader" lauded by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Oprah.

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson will take the stage again Tuesday. Her 2010 weight-loss book recommends sage-cleansing your kitc...

INSIDER evaluated the best and worst advice in her book, which suggests "surrendering your weight forever."