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Rihanna's built an empire that covers a lot of industries.

I ate like Rihanna for a week — and I could have kept going

I followed a popular celebrity diet and ate like Rihanna for a week. Here's what Rihanna eats in a week according to a chef who works with her.

A 48-year-old CEO set out to run 100 marathons in 100 days. Here’s how she kept herself sane and healthy.

Mina Guli embarked on an intense running mission to raise awareness of the global water crisis.
You might want to rethink those fries.

Eating more processed foods like pizza and fries has been linked to dying earlier in a new study

Over half of the foods we eat could be 'ultraprocessed.'
Chris Pratt on "The Late Show."

Chris Pratt just finished his 21-day Bible-inspired diet where he only ate fruits, vegetables, and unleavened bread

The "Lego Movie 2" actor completed a 21-day diet during which he ate only fruits, vegetables, grains, and unleavened bread.
Ocean Robbins makes an ice cream-like treat from frozen bananas, but says he never touches the real stuff. He's got a mild dairy allergy.

The Baskin-Robbins founder’s grandson never eats ice cream. He’s a vegetable-obsessed diet guru who has kale for breakfast.

Ocean Robbins doesn't eat Baskin-Robbins. Instead, he enjoys frozen bananas and cashews. He thinks we should subsidize more fresh foods.

10 reasons you’re still hungry on the Whole30 diet

From not balancing fats and carbohydrates to snacking in between meals, here's why you're still hungry on the Whole30 diet.

We tried the alcohol diet Tom Brady put Rob Gronkowski on, and it was a lot harder than we imagined

We tried the Tom Brady alcohol diet challenge and it was surprisingly difficult.

After feasting on fried chicken and pizza in December, Deliveroo says Singapore customers spent January munching on salads

The top 3 orders in Dec were burgers, pizza, fried chicken. But in January, they were salad bowls, soup noodles and salmon wraps.
A conspicuous toothpick.

An 18-year-old pro athlete nearly died after unknowingly swallowing a toothpick that punctured his insides

He had no knowledge of swallowing anything unusual, which made his abdominal pain difficult to diagnose.
The Mediterranean diet focuses on consuming things like plant-based foods, fish, and olive oil.

12 reasons you aren’t losing weight on the Mediterranean Diet

From portion sizes to wine consumption, here are the reasons you might not be losing weight on the Mediterranean diet.