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IgnitionOne CEO Will Margiloff

IgnitionOne went from being a digital marketing pioneer to being sold off in parts. Here’s the story behind its rise and fall.

According to 20 former employees, investors, and others, the company failed to diversify and ended up facing claims of $2 million in unpaid bills.
The opening gala of Advertising Week 2019.

Seeking nominations for the hottest adtech companies of 2019

The list will spotlight adtech companies that are driving change and their employees who have been instrumental to that change, from the CEO on down.
BDG Founder and CEO, Bryan Goldberg.

Jitters in digital media, ad tech’s savior, and the Army’s plan to win Gen Z

It's a panicky time for media, with consolidation and layoffs. At some of these companies, tensions are reaching a boiling point.
Philippe von Borries (L) and Justin Stefano (R) cofounded Refinery29 in 2005.

Inside the Vice Media-Refinery29 deal and what it means for the future of digital media

Business Insider reported on the Refinery-Vice deal, the inside story behind Refinery's rise and ultimate sale and lessons of the acquisition.

Refinery29 bootstrapped for 8 years and raised $133 million — only to sell to Vice Media for mostly stock

Business Insider talked to numerous current and former employees and other people close to the company about its rise and disappointing exit.

The race for cannabis dollars, agencies go on an ad-tech crash diet, media companies on the move

Havas sees a big opportunity to provide cannabis-related education, research, and training to drug, health, and wellness clients.

Inside Netflix’s marketing, Amazon’s hiring spree, and a Twitter scoop

Netflix isn't running advertising, but it's increasingly comfortable using brands to promote its shows outside the streaming platform.
Facebook’s Carolyn Everson speaks at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit in 2017.

Angst at Cannes, P&G embraces cause marketing, and Gary Vaynerchuk vs. the holding companies

At Cannes, ad chiefs wrestle with how to market to consumers as people shut out ads, tech giants clamp down on targeting, and privacy regs gain steam.

The most innovative CMOs, streaming’s winners and losers, emotional-based ad targeting

Burger King's Fernando Machado, who continues to deliver wacky and irreverent TV spots, leads our list of top global marketers.
A man reads a newspaper with news of the rise of the far-right League party in Sunday's European parliamentary election in Milan

The news industry is joining the attack against big tech companies like Google and Facebook

News publishers argue that online platforms control digital advertising revenue, and that the journalism industry should see more of that money.