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It's easy to change your Apple Watch to military time so it runs on a 24-hour clock.

How to change your Apple Watch to military time in 4 steps, using the Watch app on your iPhone

It's easy to change your Apple Watch to military time so it runs on a 24-hour clock. Here's how to do it.
Sarah Aubrey

The execs leading HBO Max, fake Facebook ads, and influencer marketing fraud

The streaming wars are heating up. See our list of the people leading the charge at AT&T's HBO Max ahead of its planned spring launch.
A Brooklyn-based GameStop store.

The world’s biggest video game retailer, GameStop, is closing hundreds of stores as it attempts to stay afloat — and that’s just the...

As GameStop struggles to survive, it's closing hundreds of locations and expects to close a "much larger" group of stores in the next year or two.
The board being replaced in Grand Central Terminal is actually just a re-creation of the original look.

New York City’s iconic Grand Central train station is getting a major tech upgrade

The arrivals and departures board at Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan is getting a digital overhaul.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, is paying remote workers $10,000 to live there. They’ll even throw in a discounted apartment.

Tulsa is offering remote workers $10,000, plus a discount on a fully furnished apartment, to come live there for a year.

LinkedIn says these 5 jobs are huge right now – and here’s where they hire from

Jobs that sounded obscure and niche yesterday are commonplace today.
The "sneaker bar" is the central point of the store at Nike by Melrose.

Nike just opened a brand-new store that could change sneaker buying forever

Nike just debuted its new Nike Live concept store in Los Angeles. It's an attempt to seamlessly marry the brand's fast-growing digital offerings with an innovative brick-and-mortar presence.

Nike execs can’t stop saying one word, and it reveals the future of the company

Nike execs said the word "digital" or "digitally" 69 times during the company's most recent earnings call. The prominence of the word reflects how Nike's business is changing, and how shopping is now fundamentally different.

Chipotle’s new CEO lays out his plan to turn around the embattled burrito chain

Chipotle's new CEO pushes to improve branding, digital experience and customer access. Expect shorter average wait times under his leadership.