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Winter is here.

‘Game of Thrones’ season 8 premiere leaked early on DirecTV Now and fans are losing it

INSIDER confirmed the first episode of HBO's "Game of Thrones" season eight aired a full four hours early on the streaming platform.

AT&T’s new WatchTV service is entering a fairly fragmented market, and it has the power to shake things up

The company announced its new pay-TV option just days after finalizing the much-anticipated acquisition of Time Warner, and the alternative to DirecTV offers an unbundled service for less money.
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki

YouTube’s live-TV service is about to get its first major test

YouTube is debuting its live-TV service on Apple TV and Roku devices, putting it in front of millions in the product's first major test.
"Game of Thrones."

HBO reportedly has over 5 million US subscribers outside traditional cable packages — more than double what it had a year ago

HBO has reached over 5 million online subscribers, according to Bloomberg. The cable provider has more than doubled its online subscriptions in the past year.

AT&T is making big moves to dominate the future of TV, but it’s been slowed by setbacks

AT&T is trying to imagine a future when your smartphone is the center of the entertainment universe, and taking active steps to get there.

The cord-cutter’s dream is still a long way away

YouTube TV is an impressive technical achievement, but it only appeals to a small, niche set of TV-watchers.

Only 3 major services let you stream live TV over the internet — here’s how they compare

We dug into the fine print to help you see how PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, DirecTV Now, YouTube TV, and Hulu's eventual live-TV service will compare.

15 million Americans could flock to disruptive live-TV packages from Hulu, YouTube, or even Amazon

The way Americans watch TV is going to change in a big way in the next few years, according to analysts at UBS led by John Hodulik.

Today is your last chance to snag DirecTV Now’s 100+ channels for $35 a month deal — but should you?

AT&T's DirecTV Now promotional price of $35 a month for 100+ streaming TV channels will end on January 10 at 4:00 PM PST, according to AT&T.

AT&T’s new $35 streaming TV service keeps getting hit with big outages

AT&T's TV streaming service DirecTV Now has been plagued by technical issues since its launch.