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The world’s most popular video game chat app is now worth more than $2 billion, as it gears up to take on the makers of ‘Fortnite’

Discord now has more than 200 million users, and investors are starting to take notice.

The world’s biggest chat platform for gaming is taking aim at Steam, the world’s biggest gaming storefront

Having already conquered the world of video game chat, Discord is setting out to take on the world of video game sales by launching a new digital storefront, which just went worldwide.
Dan McComas delivering a TEDx talk in 2013.

Reddit’s former product chief says he made the world ‘a worse place’ in his pursuit of growth at all costs

Former Reddit head of product Dan McComas told New York magazine that he believes his time at the internet forum 'made the world a worse place.' McComas said a relentless pursuit of growth has led to user safety and wellbeing being sacrificed.
Valve cofounder and managing director Gabe Newell

The new and improved Steam Chat is here to take on Discord — here’s how the two apps compare

Steam, the game-purchasing hub and chat service owned by Valve, just updated its chat system. But with Discord the reigning fan-favorite chat app for gamers, we decided to compare the two.

Everything you need to know about Discord, the new “Skype for gamers”

Meet Discord: the chat, voice and video call app specially tailored for gamers.
A screenshot of a channel on the deepfakes Discord server where users shared explicit videos that had been doctored to include images of female celebrities. The women's names have been redacted.

Discord just shut down a chat group dedicated to sharing porn videos edited with AI to include celebrities

The chat app maker said the group violated its rules on "non-consensual pornography," otherwise known as revenge porn.

A popular chat app just shut down a major online hangout for the alt-right after Charlottesville

Discord, the mega-popular "Skype for gamers," is taking steps to remove the alt-right from its app.