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A Wall Street analyst explains why 10 million Disney Plus subscribers is the magic number that could supercharge the company’s stock

Shares of Disney traded lower on Tuesday following Apple's announcement that its streaming service would cost $4.99.

Netflix, Disney, and Roku tumble after Apple announces its streaming service will be cheaper than rivals

Apple announced its streaming platform will cost $4.99 per month, and customers who purchase a Mac, iPhone, or Apple TV will receive year free.

A Wall Street analyst modeled the impact of Disney’s new streaming service — and now he’s even more bullish on the stock

Disney's direct-to-consumer (DTC) service will take a bite out of its profits, but that won't stop its stock from rallying, an analyst says.

Facebook, Amazon, and Google could pose big problems for ESPN’s streaming service, analyst says

With more tech giants, such as Facebook and Amazon, bidding for top-tier sports-streaming rights, Disney's problem will occur in a few years, analyst says.
Visitors walk towards the Sleeping Beauty Castle during a visit to the Disneyland Paris Resort.

Millennials are snapping up Disney ahead of earnings

Disney and Fox shareholders have approved the merger, but the deal’s completion is still at the hands of regulators in the US and internationally. And even once completed, the Fox buyout will mean more work is ahead for Disney, analysts say.

Comcast is jumping after saying it’s no longer pursuing Fox assets

The bidding war between Disney and Comcast over 21st Century Fox assets was hard fought, and Disney has emerged victorious. But the three parties aren't done with each other. They're all after Sky TV, and Comcast is focusing on it. See what this means for Comcast stock.
Rupert Murdoch.

Wall Street thinks the bidding war for 21st Century Fox’s assets is going to heat up

It's starting to look more likely Comcast will come back to the negotiating table over 21st Century Fox assets, RBC Capital Markets analyst Steven Cahall told Business Insider.
Rupert Murdoch, Chairman of Fox News Channel, September 10, 2017.

Disney is close to winning the 21st Century Fox sweepstakes — but the bidding war may not be over just yet

The bidding war between Disney and Comcast over 21st Century Fox assets could have some juice left in it, according to Jefferies analyst John Janedis.

21st Century Fox spikes after Disney raises its bid

21st Century Fox is spiking after Disney raised its bid to $71.3 billion. Disney and Comcast have been in a bidding war over 21st Century Fox assets.

Disney has to clear 3 hurdles to become ‘a global player in streaming’

Disney has some short-term challenges ahead, warns and RBC Capital Markets analyst.