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There's a hidden guest suite inside Disney's Cinderella Castle. Take a look inside.

Enchanting photos show what it’s like inside Disney’s exclusive Cinderella Castle Suite, where guests can stay by invitation only

Inside Disney's Cinderella Castle Suite, there are more hidden features than you may be able to find during your stay.
"Mermaid School" will be offered at four Disney World hotels, including the Art of Animation Resort.

These Disney World resorts are offering mermaid classes for anyone over the age of 4

During each hour-long class, participants will receive a "tail-fitting," and learn how to swim like a mermaid.
Discovery Island is located in Bay Lake.

Disney World mysteriously closed an island 20 years ago and left it in ruins. Take a look inside.

In 1999, Disney World mysteriously closed Discovery Island, and it has remained abandoned for nearly two decades. Here's what it looks like today.
Disney World's Epcot.

A man died while working at Disney World’s ‘Avenue of the Stars’ in Epcot Park

A spokesperson for the Orange County Sheriff's Office said that the man fell in an accident on a construction site at Walt Disney World's Epcot Park.
Disney World removed its famous sorcerer's hat in 2015.

24 photos of old Disney World attractions we wish would come back

From the Maelstrom in Epcot to the Studio Backlot Tour in Hollywood Studios, Disney has removed a variety of beloved attractions over the years.
Concept art shows guests will be able to build custom lightsabers at "Galaxy's Edge."

Here are the lightsabers, toys, and clothes you’ll be able to buy at Disney’s upcoming ‘Star Wars’ lands

From lightsabers to custom droids, here's a look at the upcoming merch you'll be able to purchase at "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge."
Try going during the off-season, when there's less crowds.

11 things you’re doing wrong at Disney World that could be ruining your vacation

A former cast member reveals all the mistakes you're probably making when visiting the Disney parks.

Tom Brady and Julian Edelman fought with lightsabers at Disney World after their Super Bowl win

The Super Bowl LIII winners made the pilgrimage to Disney World after helping New England Patriots beat Los Angeles Rams by 13-3 on Sunday.

Disney World was forced to stop letting more guests into the jam-packed Magic Kingdom before noon on New Year’s Eve

Disney World stopped allowing new guests to enter the Magic Kingdom at 11:35 a.m. on Monday.