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Korean Air boss Cho Won-tae, brother of ‘nut rage’ heiress, injures mum in Christmas Day feud over power control

Cho Won-tae visited his mother for a festive celebration, only for things to get ugly during a discussion over the future of the family business

Elderly man clings to life after being hit in head by brick thrown by Hong Kong protesters during clash with residents

The 70-year-old was clearing bricks left by protesters on a street outside the MTR station when a clash between residents and protesters broke out.

Man doused with flammable liquid and set on fire during Monday mayhem in Hong Kong

Several people were shouting at the man before one of them set him on fire.

AirAsia says queues at ‘flawed’ klia2 can last for more than one hour – and the situation is ‘worsening’

Long queues that span over an hour are now a daily occurrence, AirAsia said.

Oei Hong Leong, Raffles Education’s Chew Hua Seng in courtroom face-off

Oei Hong Leong is seeking S$15 million damages from Chew Hua Seng, whom he was previously "quite good friends" with.

‘Like saying a budget hotel should charge the same as a 5-star hotel’: Tony Fernandes lashes out after AirAsia ordered to pay RM40m in air...

Fernandes said AirAsia "will continue to fight the battle on behalf of all Malaysians and travellers to Malaysia".

Singapore, Malaysia agree to suspend overlapping port claims

Both sides have agreed to not anchor government vessels in the area.

Singapore-Malaysia relations still ‘good’, says Malaysian Foreign Minister

"There are some issues but we are talking to each other," he said.