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6 people reveal what modern dating was like after getting divorced

Dating after divorce isn't easy — especially if you've never dated in the digital age. We asked six people what they found most challenging.
Dewan is now dating Broadway actor Steve Kazee.

Jenna Dewan said she’s been through heartbreak ‘many times’ and gets through it by turning inward

Jenna Dewan split from Channing Tatum in April 2018 and is now promoting a book that includes details of their relationship and breakup.
It's important to understand why you want a divorce and whether you've exhausted all options to repair your relationship.

4 questions you need to ask yourself before going through with a divorce

It's important to understand your motivations for getting one and being honest with your partner before making this life-altering move.
Jeremy Renner and ex-wife Sonni Pacheco.

Jeremy Renner’s ex-wife claims he threatened to kill them both

Sonni Pacheco is asking a judge to give her sole custody of their daughter Ava with only monitored visitation from the "Avengers" star.

[WATCH] Russian model admits divorce from Sultan Muhammad V: ‘he left in December and never came back’

"I don't know what exactly happened, because everything was okay," Voevodina said.
Kevin Howard recently won $750,000 from his ex-wife's lover, for breaking up their marriage.

A man just won $750,000 from his ex-wife’s lover after suing him for ‘alienation of affections’ — a little-known claim that ex...

Kevin Howard said when his wife asked to separate, he hired a private investigator, who discovered she was having an affair with a co-worker.
Former U.S. Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her husband Todd take in Game 3 of the NBA Eastern Conference final basketball playoff series between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers in Indianapolis, Indiana, May 26, 2013.

Here’s what we know about Todd Palin, who appears to have filed for divorce from his wife and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin

Todd Palin reportedly filed for divorce from wife, former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Here's who he is.

‘It will be painful’: Sultan Muhammad V’s Russian wife just hinted she wants to tell ‘the truth’ about their marriage

"Maybe if I tell you the truth, I will feel better," she wrote on Instagram.
Divorce rates increase in August.

Divorce rates increase at the end of the summer. Here are 6 reasons why.

Couples see August as the perfect time to split because most family vacations are over and it's far away enough from the holidays.