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The Riyadh, Saudi Arabia skyline is pictured above in February 2016.

The American woman whose ex-husband was forcing her to stay in Saudi Arabia now has legal residency — but even if she travels, she would have to...

Bethany Vierra's ex-husband remains her daughter's guardian, meaning he has the power to decide whether the girl can travel internationally.
Bethany Vierra, 31 (left), has been trapped in Saudi Arabia thanks to the country's "guardianship" laws that give her ex-husband the power to bar her from returning to the US. Riyadh, where Vierra lives, is pictured on the right.

The American woman whose ex-husband wouldn’t let her leave Saudi Arabia was granted legal residency, letting her travel and use her bank account...

Bethany Vierra said that within hours of The New York Times publishing a story about her case, Saudi officials granted her residency.
A Saudi woman takes photographs with her mobile phone in Dec. 2018.

An American woman trapped in Saudi Arabia has few options for escape because of divorce laws that give men near-complete control

Under Saudi Arabia's guardianship laws, every women must have a male guardian who decides all of their critical decisions, from obtaining a passport to travel.

Here’s when you’re probably getting divorced

In recent years, older Americans are more likely to have been divorced, separated, or in a second or later marriage than in previous decades.
Prenups help dictate how assets are divided during a divorce.

6 things you never knew you could put in a prenup, from sex toys to frozen eggs

Prenups dictate what happens to finances in the event of a divorce — but did you know you can also include genetic material, creative ideas, and pets?
"Bond King" Bill Gross is retiring with a net worth of $1.5 billion.

Bill Gross is retiring with a $1.5 billion net worth — see how the ‘Bond King’ spends his fortune, from a $1.3 billion divorce to a ...

Bond King" Bill Gross is retiring after 40-plus years in the financial industry with a net worth of $1.5 billion. See how he spends his fortune.
Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorced in 2015.

The most surprising divorce law in 21 US states

Months-long waiting periods, grounds like "idiocy," and summons via newspaper — here's a roundup of surprising divorce laws throughout the States.
Chris Pratt and Anna Faris have an admirably healthy relationship following their divorce.

Chris Pratt told us the key to maintaining a friendly relationship with his ex Anna Faris

"Kids want to be in a loving household," Pratt said, adding that this comes naturally to both him and Faris.
Prince Charles and Princess Diana had one of the most famous divorces of all time.

These are the 11 most common reasons people get divorced, ranked

With the help of INSIDER Data, we've ranked the most common causes of divorce, from cheating to lack of premarital education.
A couple in 1940.

How the divorce rate has changed over the last 150 years

While divorce boomed in the '60s and '70s, the rate of people getting divorced is on a decline today.