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How much money 11 types of doctors actually make

We used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to compare the average annual salaries associated with 11 occupations for medical doctors.
There is still a big gender gap in medicine.

6 maps that show how far doctors have to go to close the gender pay gap

The gender gap is unfortunately alive and well in the field of medicine.
A report says 700 women die giving birth each year in the United States.

There has been a disturbing rise in the maternal death rate in the US, and experts say it’s the most dangerous developed country to give birth i...

700 women die each year in the US and another 50,000 are severely injured during childbirth. This is reportedly due to hospitals ignoring simple procedures and preterm births.
A surgeon has been fined $3,000 for removing a woman's kidney.

A surgeon has been fined $3,000 for removing a woman’s kidney because he believed it was a tumor

Ramon Vazquez removed a woman's healthy kidney without her consent because he believed it was a cancerous tumor. He has been fined.

Over 200 dengue cases were reported in the first week of 2019 – here are 6 things you might not know about the virus

Did you know that all a mosquito needs to breed is water around the size of Singapore 20 cent coin? Here are five other things you might not know about dengue.
A person holds an American flag as they participate in a ceremony to become an American citizen during a U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services naturalization ceremony at the Miami Field Office on August 17, 2018 in Miami, Florida.

Dozens of doctors tasked by the US government with screening immigrants have histories of abuse or crime — one doctor even tried to have a patie...

Thousands of doctors across the US are charged with screening immigrants who have applied for green cards. But dozens of those doctors have troubling backgrounds including serious criminal convictions or histories of patient abuse, according to a federal watchdog's report.
Bankers and heart attacks

‘If you keep working, you will die’: London bankers in their 20s and 30s are having more heart attacks, doctors say

One person told Business Insider that as a second-year analyst at a major European bank, she often worked until 4 a.m., suffered a cardiac event, and was hospitalized three times in two years. She said she was told by doctors "if you keep working, you will die." She told Business Insider about her nightmare posting at the bank.
Larry Page, co-founder of Google and CEO of parent company Alphabet

Google is ramping up its plan to put its AI in the hands of doctors

Doctors spend too much time penning patient history and treatment plans but Google hopes AI can take over some of the note-taking chores so physicians can get back to treating patients.
Metallic fibers in your Lululemon yoga pants can heat up dangerously during an MRI.

Doctors are warning people not to wear Lululemon-like clothing during MRIs — here’s why

Fabrics that use spandex, Lycra, or elastane could be dangerous to wear in an MRI machine, doctors are warning. The small metallic threads in the fabric can potentially heat up and burn patients.

Doctors say Apple Watch helped save the life of a 32-year-old man who experienced a sudden medical crisis

Doctors say if 32-year-old William Monzidelis hadn't received the Apple Watch notification when he did, he may not have survived his medical emergency.