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Julia Luckett and Nick Pierce's dog was their videographer for their 2019 wedding.

A couple’s dog filmed their wedding with a GoPro that was attached to his collar, and the video footage is actually stunning

Newlyweds Julia Luckett and Nick Pierce attached a GoPro to their dog's collar instead of hiring a videographer for their wedding ceremony.
Corgis and Chihuahuas are adorable enough separately, but this corgi-Chihuahua mix is too cute to handle.

21 adorable photos of mixed-breed dogs that’ll make your day

From Cavapoos to Goldendoodles, these adorable mixed-breed dogs are just too cute for words.
A dog named Rolo was so happy his family was working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, he sprained his tail from "excessive wagging."

This dog was so excited his family was working from home during the coronavirus pandemic that he sprained his tail from ‘excessive wagging’...

The adorable Dachshund named Rolo has since become an internet sensation, even catching the attention of Jennifer Aniston.
Animal shelters are encouraging people to foster pets during the coronavirus pandemic.

Self-isolating alone? Animal shelters are encouraging people to foster a pet during the coronavirus pandemic

Fostering a dog or cat during the coronavirus pandemic can be beneficial for both pets and humans who are social distancing.
Having a pet comes with mental and physical health benefits.

Pet adoption is spiking amid the coronavirus pandemic. Here are 7 science-backed reasons a pet could be the best thing for your health.

As people practice social distancing, many are discovering the mental and physical health benefits of owning an animal.
A pregnant person's dog may detect changes in their scent, but it is unlikely that the dog understands the reason.

Dogs may be able to sense pregnancy, but research hasn’t proven it

Dogs can detect everything from bombs to cancer with their sensitive noses. Here's what you need to know about whether dogs can sense pregnancy.
No, your dog cannot catch your cold.

Can dogs catch human colds? No, but they can get their own version of a cold

Dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, and other pets are unable to catch human colds. This is because they do not have the proper receptors for the virus.
Some people think Dúi resembles a cat.

A puppy went viral after people pointed out that he looks like both a cat and dog

Photos of the puppy were posted on Reddit, and they quickly went viral after users pointed out that Dúi looks a bit like a cat.
A woman pushes a stroller with two dogs wearing masks along a street in Shanghai on February 19, 2020.

Hong Kong is warning people not to kiss their dogs after a Pomeranian tested positive for the coronavirus (though there’s no evidence dogs can b...

Health authorities say there's no evidence that dogs can be infected or can spread it to humans, but quarantined a dog out of caution.
Chico the dog turned himself into the Odessa Police Department after he ran away from home in the middle of the night.

A dog ran away from home in the middle of the night and reported himself missing at the nearest police station

Chico the dog walked into the Odessa Police Department at 3:30 a.m. and went straight to the front desk.