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18 gifts to spoil your dog with this holiday season

Don't forget your pup this holiday season! From treats to beds and even activity monitors, this guide to dog gifts has something for every pooch.

The best chew toys for dogs that chew on everything

These are the best chew toys you can get for your good boy or girl who happens to be a heavy chewer.
Waiting for their friend.

When a homeless man was admitted to a hospital, his 4 stray dog friends patiently waited for him at the door

A Brazilian nurse shared a photo of four stray dogs waiting for their friend, a homeless man who cares for them, to get out of the emergency room.

Signs your dog might be depressed, according to an expert

Dogs, like humans, can get depressed and show particular symptoms. INSIDER talked to a dog behaviorist about the symptoms of depression in dogs.

A Malaysian assemblyman suggested selling stray dogs to Korea as meat – and of course, people got upset

"We could gather the animals and export them to South Korea," the assemblyman reportedly said.
Tim Bow-wow-ard.

A soccer match in Argentina was interrupted when a dog invaded the pitch and made a goal-line save like a good boy

Juventud Unida, a soccer team in Argentina's third division, was denied a certain goal when a dog invaded the pitch to make an incredible save.
An eager student at Dog Hair High.

14 photos of Photoshopped dogs wearing outrageous ’80s outfits that will make your day

Dog Hair High is a fictional high school that combines adorable dogs, '80s nostalgia, and Photoshop. Here's how these wacky photos came to be.
Laura Stampler and Maurice Goldstein got engaged with the help of 16 very good dogs.

An epic surprise proposal included 16 very good dogs who jumped all over the couple when she said ‘yes’

Is there any joy more pure than a couple in love surrounded by adorable dogs? When Laura Stampler said yes, 16 dogs bounded in to celebrate.
I was very pleased with my BarkBox experience and I think it's safe to say that Archie is too.

I tried BarkBox to find out what dog owners like about it, and now I get why it has over 600,000 monthly subscribers

All in all, I was very pleased with my BarkBox experience and I think it's safe to say that my Cavalier King Charles puppy, Archie, is too.
According to the study, dogs can encourage healthier sleep schedules in humans.

Women may sleep better with a dog in their bed instead of another person, according to a study

A study suggests women sleep better with a dog in their bed instead of a person or cat. Here's what the study found.