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Adopting a dog can be a great thing.

10 signs you adopted the right shelter dog

If you're searching for a new dog, making the decision to adopt one from a shelter is a great choice. But it's important that the dog you choose is compatible with you. Here's how to know if you've adopted the right shelter dog.
A lion costume is an excellent choice for dogs with light-colored fur.

20 adorable Halloween costume ideas for dogs

This upcoming Halloween, your dog will be the best-dressed pup on the block. From pizza slices to spiders, here are some of the best costume ideas for dogs.
Bringing home your dog is exciting, but it can be stressful for the dog.

10 useful tips for bringing home a new dog

Adopting a dog can be exciting, but there are a few important things to do before, during, and after taking them home. Here are some tips for bringing home a dog and introducing it into your home.
Senior dogs can make excellent companions.

10 reasons to consider adopting a senior dog instead of a puppy

When adopting a dog, there are a lot of factors to consider. And one of them is the age of the dog you plan to adopt. From having a calmer temperament to providing fewer surprises, here are some reasons to adopt a senior dog instead of a puppy.
Taking care of a dog is a big responsibility.

10 signs you’re not ready for a dog, even if you think you are

Getting a dog is a huge responsibility. Not only time-wise but also financially. Here are 10 signs you shouldn't get a dog, even if you want one.
Such a good boy.

A student’s service dog wore a bow tie for his school yearbook photo and people can’t handle the cuteness

On school picture day, students, teachers, and faculty members all take their turns smiling for their yearbook photos. At M. J. Kaufman Elementary School in Louisiana, this lineup included Rowdy the service dog, who wore a bow tie. The adorable photo is going viral.
Koala not pictured.

An Australian dog saved a baby koala’s life by snuggling with it — and now they’re best friends

A golden retriever in Australia likely saved a baby koala's life by letting it snuggle with her overnight, and the photos are truly a sight to see. Thankfully, both koala and dog became best friends, and both are now safe.

‘Cat parents think it’s cool’: A Peter Thiel-backed startup pursuing mouse meat for dogs has begun selling its first products

Wild Earth began selling its first products — vegan dog treats made with koji, a type of fungus similar to mushrooms — on Monday. The company's CEO said they plan to eventually sell pet food made from mouse cells, also known as cell-based or lab-grown meat.

An increasing number of pet cafes are being called out for animal abuse – here’s what to do if you spot one

Singaporean pet cafe owners have reportedly abused animals as well.

Doing the viral #snootchallenge could actually be good for your dog – here’s why

By now – based on Instagram at least – at least 11,00 good boys are already snoot challenge champs.