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The Pacific Veggie pizza, one of the veggie-focused pizzas at Domino's

The only menu items vegetarians and vegans can actually eat at Domino’s

Domino's has many options suitable for vegetarians on its menu. It even has a few suitable for vegans too.

Domino’s Pizza Malaysia turned its job openings into video game characters, and netizens are loving it

Instead of just using a traditional jobs page, the clip delighted netizens by featuring each role as a playable character in a video game.
Workers prepare pizzas in the kitchen of a Domino's Pizza branch in New Delhi, September 11, 2013.

Domino’s pizza sinks after same-store sales miss

Domino's Pizza posted same-store sales that fell short of expectations, sending shares down more than 7% early Thursday.

It seems Domino’s Singapore sent rival Pizza Hut a pizza for V-Day, and a series of ‘punny’ messages ensued

It's Valentine's day - why not send a pizza to someone you love? Unless of course, it's your rival.
Domino's Pizza.

A Domino’s employee was fired after writing the N-word on a customer’s pizza order

On Monday night, Myasia Nelson ordered pizza from Domino's for her family. But when Nelson went to pick up her meal, she didn't see it under her name on the board — instead, it appeared that her order been placed under the N-word.

Domino’s is repairing roads, and experts say it reveals a troubling trend in American spending

This week, Domino's announced it's now filling potholes in towns across the US. Experts say it's part of a larger trend of companies picking up the slack for civic services usually funded by local, state, and federal governments.

The 5 strangest things we’ve seen related to self-driving cars

The self-driving cars are coming. But that doesn't mean the road there won't be a long, strange trip.

Millennials are ditching chains like McDonald’s for different kinds of fast food

Americans are moving away from burger-and-fries and fried chicken when it comes to fast food.

Some of the biggest tech stocks in the world have been outpaced by… Domino’s Pizza

The biggest success story in tech this decade may have less to do with iPhones and more to do with pizza.

You can now create a Domino’s wedding registry to convince your guests to buy you pizza

Domino's launched a wedding registry at allows wedding guests to buy to pizza for the happy couple.