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Herschel "Guy" Beahm, who goes by the handle "Dr Disrespect" on Twitch.

Twitch suspended one of its most popular streamers after he livestreamed from the bathrooms at the biggest gaming event of the year

Dr Disrespect, one of Twitch's most iconic streamers, broadcast multiple trips to the bathroom at E3 for tens of thousands of live viewers.

Electronic Arts took a huge gamble by paying the world’s most popular gamer $1 million to play its new game for a day. Here’s why it was w...

EA paid Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and other top video game streamers to promote the surprise launch of "Apex Legends," a big bet on influencer marketing.
"Dr. Disrespect" is a popular game streamer on Twitch, Amazon's online video streaming service.

Amazon’s streaming service Twitch is pulling in as many viewers as CNN and MSNBC

In January 2018, Amazon's owned Twitch had nearly a million people watching at any given point.