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Drive-thru sales are crucial for chains.

Chains like Chipotle, Starbucks, and Cava are revolutionizing the drive-thru to compete with fast-food giants

Fast-casual chains including Chipotle and Cava are testing digital drive-thru lanes to better compete with fast-food chains.
A photo of Kerr's 15-cent Burgers, a drive-thru restaurant, circa 1960.

THEN AND NOW: 14 photos of drive-thrus that show how much they’ve changed

Since drive-thru service first emerged in the 1930s, the convenient innovation has become more ubiquitous and efficient than ever.

Chipotle is opening dozens of locations with drive-thru-style ‘Chipotlanes’

Chipotle is adding drive-thru-style "Chipotlanes" at dozens more locations.
The Taco Bell in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, which was shot during the incident on December 31, 2018.

A man fired his handgun at a Taco Bell drive-thru at 1 a.m. after ‘not getting enough sauce,’ police say

Oklahoma City police said a man fired a semiautomatic handgun through a Taco Bell drive-thru window in a confrontation over condiments.
Starbucks is doubling down on drive-thrus.

More than 4 out of 5 new Starbucks are drive-thrus, and the coffee giant wants to open even more

Starbucks is doubling down on drive-thrus. More than 80% of new Starbucks locations that opened in the last year in the US featured drive-thrus.
Chipotle is closing up to 65 locations in the next 30 days.

We visited the Chipotle of the future. Here’s what it’s like.

Chipotle is turning to technology to grow sales, with mobile ordering, delivery, and even a digital drive-thru test. We recently visited a location in New York City that has served as a test site for much of Chipotle's new initiatives, and we saw how tech is crucial to the chain's turnaround plans.

Chipotle has started adding drive-thrus — but there is a huge catch

Chipotle has added drive-thrus at five locations across the US. Unlike at most drive-thrus, customers need to order ahead via app or online. Chipotle is looking for new ways to drive sales, exploring new menu items and boosting delivery.

A Canadian zoo took a bear through a drive-thru Dairy Queen for ice cream — and the owner is now facing charges

The one-year-old bear was fed an ice cream cone through the passenger seat window of a pick-up truck — and he seemed to be enjoying himself.
Drive-thru success is key for fast-food chains.

These are the fast-food chains with the speediest drive-thru service, ranked

A new study analyzed the fastest and slowest drive-thru service at 15 major chains.