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‘We are no longer safe now’: Mahathir warns terrorism could escalate after ‘immoral’ Soleimani killing

"If anybody insults or says something that somebody doesn't like, it is alright for that person from another country to send a drone and perhaps have a shot at me," the PM said.

A Pennsylvania man used a drone to drop explosives on his ex-girlfriend’s house, prosecutors say

The alleged drone bomber may have taught himself how to fly by dropping nails out of the sky to annoy his neighbors.
Yemen's Houthi movement forces are seen during withdrawal from Saleef port in Hodeidah province

A drone attack at a Saudi Arabia airport killed one person and wounded seven people

The Houthi rebels from Yemen, who are backed by Iran, attacked an airport in Abha, Saudi Arabia. They have been fighting an Arab coalition since 2015.
An EA-18G Growler lands on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, which the Trump administration ordered to the Middle East to confront Iran.

The US and Iran are still on a military collision course, despite Trump’s calling off airstrikes last minute

Experts believe Iran's military and its proxy forces will continue to confront the US due to the sanctions that are damaging Iran's economy.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro with Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez at a military parade in Caracas, June 24, 2016.

Days after a bizarre drone attack, Venezuela’s government may be getting ready for another crackdown on the military

It's still not totally clear who was responsible for carrying out a drone attack on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, but he appears ready for another crackdown on political rivals and potential challengers.