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Amazon is gearing up for delivery drones.

Amazon got clearance to build drones that can carry out surveillance on customers’ homes between deliveries

The patent describes how Amazon's drones could be primarily used for delivery, but could be asked by customers to check up on their properties.
A RQ-4 Global Hawk drone conductstests over Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland, U.S. in this undated U.S. Navy photo.

Trump called Iran’s drone attack ‘a mistake,’ but a top Iranian general called it ‘a clear message’ to the US

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps' leader said the attack on a US drone signaled that it wouldn't back down, according to Iranian media.

Uber’s first air-travel market outside of the United States will be Melbourne, Australia

Australia will join Los Angeles and Dallas as the first pilot cities for its urban air-mobility offerings, the company said at a conference Tuesday.

See inside Uber’s first passenger drone, which could eventually fly passengers at 150 mph while burning no fossil fuels

Uber showed off the latest in its vision for the future of air travel at a conference in Washington, DC, this week.
Jeff Wilke, CEO, Amazon Worldwide Consumer shows off Amazon's Prime Air delivery drone.

Amazon’s drone delivery service is one step closer to taking flight

Amazon Prime Air got FAA approval to test its newest drones, and the Amazon executive Jeff Wilke said the service will be ready "within months."
Amazon unveiled its latest package-delivery drone.

Amazon unveils a new Prime Air drone it says ‘within months’ will start delivering packages

Amazon unveiled its newest drone model built for package delivery at its Re:Mars conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

The US just warned that drones made in China could be used as a way to spy, but not in the way you think

The US is reportedly worried that the Chinese government could force drone makers to hand over data from its customers.
FLIR Black Hornet III

US soldiers are getting their hands on this super cool spy drone that fits in your pocket

These game-changing drones are now in the hands and pockets of soldiers, who will soon be taking them onto the battlefield where they will save lives.
In one shot, the drone subtly tilts to the side to avoid the ball in real time, while another experiment later in the video shows it zipping upward so that the ball can pass underneath it.

Watch this self-piloting drone effortlessly dodge a soccer ball being thrown at it in real time

Drones have been good at dodging stationary objects for quite some time, but researchers are helping them get better at ducking moving obstacles.