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23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki explained why the company is working with GSK to develop drugs.

Here’s the email 23andMe sent its customers after GSK bought a $300 million stake in the company

"23andMe has created a research platform to enable interested customers to participate in research - to not wait for solutions to appear, but for people to come together and make discoveries happen," 23andMe's CEO wrote. "By working with GSK, we believe we will accelerate the development of breakthroughs."

DNA-testing company 23andMe has signed a $300 million deal with a drug giant. Here’s how to delete your data if that freaks you out.

Genetics-testing companies like Ancestry and 23andMe can — and frequently do — sell your data to drugmakers. A $300 million deal between 23andMe and the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline is the latest example. If that has you thinking about how these companies use your data, here's how to delete it.

A biotech company’s farthest-along drug just failed a key trial — and the stock is plummeting

Prothena said on Monday that its drug to treat AL Amyloidosis failed a key trial, leading the company to discontinue a later-stage study.

There could be a $35 billion market to treat NASH, a ‘silent disease’ millions are living with — and the competition’s startin...

Work's being done to pinpoint how to treat NASH, as well as research that's being used to better understand the genetics of the disease.

The FDA just refused to review a new depression drug — and the company’s stock is tanking

The FDA just turned away Alkermes' approval submission for its new drug to treat major depressive disorder.
TwoXar cofounders Andrew M. Radin and Andrew A. Radin

A startup that uses software to discover new drugs just raised $10 million

TwoXar, a startup that uses software to discover new, experimental drugs, just raised $10 million from investors including SoftBank Ventures.

BANK OF AMERICA: There’s one area of the stock market that stands above the rest

Bank of America Merrill Lynch says that biotech is the best opportunity in the US stock market right now.

Traders were blindsided by Celgene’s massive earnings flop

Traders were woefully unhedged for Celgene's 20% stock drop following a disastrous earnings report that saw the company miss on sales and cut forward guidance.

The maker of Botox has turned to the oldest trick in the book to save its cratering stock

Botox-maker Allergan just authorized a $2 billion share buyback, seemingly in an attempt to combat recent stock weakness.

A company that wants to use ultrasounds to deliver drugs just raised money from MIT’s new $200 million venture fund

The seed round of a few million dollars — in which venture fund Polaris also participated in — will go toward getting the technology prepped for human trials.