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Forgetting moisturizer is a common mistake.

Your self-care routine may be drying out your skin. Dermatologists share what else may be to blame, and how to moisturize.

Genetic, environmental, and other factors can contribute to dry skin. Here's how to deal, from buying a humidifier to changing your shower routine.
Moisturizer can be more effective when applied to damp skin instead of dry skin.

8 things you should avoid doing if you have dry skin

Some skin-care habits could be irritating your dry skin or making it even drier. Here are some things you should avoid doing if you have dry skin.
Moisturizer is necessary but can only go so far.

10 things to do if your skin is peeling

Dry, peeling skin is a pretty common issue during the winter months. Here's what you can do if your skin is peeling, according to a dermatologist.
Dermatologists say those long, hot showers aren't doing your epidermis any favors.

How often you actually need to shower, according to science

Must we shower every day? Skin experts say no.