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Emergency personnel in Hazmat suits searched an Australian university only to find a ‘gas leak’ was caused by durians – here are 4 o...

Earlier this month, the king of fruits almost got a man into trouble with the law when he failed his breathalyser test after consuming durians.

Australian fruit store employee demonstrates how to cut open a durian with ease – and durian lovers are loving it

In less than 10 seconds, Simon already sliced the husk almost halfway through.

Malaysia bets on durian as China goes bananas for world’s smelliest fruit

Chinese pay top dollar for Malaysia's 'Musang King' - Prices of the variety have nearly quadrupled in the last five years.

Indonesian flight grounded after passengers revolt over sacks of stinky durian in cargo hold

Airline staff were forced to unload the offending fruit, whose smell has been likened to rotten onions, turpentine and dirty gym socks.