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Art.com sells art, but online.

Walmart is acquiring the world’s largest online seller of art

Walmart announced on Thursday its plans to acquire Art.com, the world's largest online seller of art.
About 80 Amazon workers were treated after an incident at a warehouse in New Jersey on Wednesday morning.

54 workers became sick and one is in critical condition after a can of bear repellent released fumes in an Amazon warehouse

Fifty-four workers were treated by emergency responders after a bear repellent can released fumes in an Amazon warehouse in Robbinsville, New Jersey.

Walmart has a new initiative that proves it still has a serious edge against Amazon in one key way

Walmart is releasing a new app for store employees to use to help customers buy items from Walmart.com.
Ebay has hit another milestone in its bid to become a big online player.

Ebay says that Cyber Monday and Black Friday set sales records for the site

Ebay, the auction-site-turned-online-marketplace, is riding the wave of increased online shopping to great effect.

Amazon’s emphasis on ‘the Turkey 5’ reveals Black Friday and Cyber Monday as we know them are dying

Amazon touted record-breaking Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping this year. But the real story lies between and around those days.
The Echo Dot was one of the top-selling items on Amazon on Cyber Monday.

Amazon reveals the best-selling items that it says helped Cyber Monday become its biggest shopping day in history

Amazon announced on Tuesday that Cyber Monday had once again become Amazon's single biggest sales day in history. Here's what customers were buying.
Amazon already has reason to celebrate Black Friday.

Amazon reveals top-selling Black Friday items as sales reach ‘record levels’

Amazon says Black Friday sales are already setting records. Cyber Monday will still likely beat it, however.

The massive year-end sales are here, and Singaporeans are officially the most price-conscious in the world: Study

To many Singaporeans, how big a price tag is can make it or break a deal.

Thanksgiving has suddenly become one of America’s favorite days to shop online

Thanksgiving Day quickly is becoming big enough to rival Black Friday and Cyber Monday in terms of online sales.