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Driverless cars could be making grocery deliveries.

Here are 9 kinds of tech you can expect to see in every store by 2030, according to analysts

As retailers find they have an ever-expanding arsenal of technology options at their fingertips, it can be hard to envision the store of the future.
A worker demonstrates Apple Pay.

Experts say these are the biggest mistakes retailers make when merging their store and online experience

For retailers, building omnichannel systems that successfully merge brick-and-mortar and online experiences is easier said than done.

FedEx just rejected millions in potential revenue from Amazon — but here’s why an analyst says it’s still the right business move

FedEx decided not to renew its Express shipping contract with Amazon. According to Moody's, that's still the right move.
Model Amanda Sanders at a Revolve event.

How Revolve used a massive network of influencers and celebrities to become a fashion giant

Revolve launched its initial public offering on Friday at a valuation of $1.2 billion. Here's a look at how the fashion brand rose to prominence.

FedEx says it will no longer deliver Amazon packages with its fast shipping service

FedEx announced on Friday that it will no longer deliver packages for Amazon using its quick-shipping Express service in the US.

Shopee now has a live streaming feature for sellers who want to entertain

More live product demonstrations and reviews coming your way.

A woman in Singapore suffered heart failure and now lives with an implant after taking a weight loss product bought through Instagram

Another woman in her 20s took one of the products for four days and developed palpitations, insomnia and suicidal thoughts.

Every item on Amazon has a star rating from customer reviews. Here’s how it’s calculated.

A lot more goes into Amazon ratings than just an average of all of the ratings combined. There are several other factors involved.