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70% of all e-commerce scams last year happened on Carousell – and it’s now rolling out even more measures to lower the fraud rate

Out of all types of scams, e-commerce came out tops last year, SPF said.
Selections from Walmart's new MoDRN collection of furniture.

Walmart’s CEO revealed what the company’s e-commerce business needs to do to be more profitable

Walmart has a plan to make its online business more profitable, and it needs more inventory in high-margin products to do that.
Berkshire Hathaway's Charlie Munger.

CHARLIE MUNGER ON HQ2: ‘Driving the rich people out is pretty dumb if you’re a state or a city’

Charlie Munger, the vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, weighed in on Amazon's decision to ditch its New York HQ2 plans.

Love blooms in Malaysia: Spending on Valentine’s Day flowers soars 104% in three years, Mastercard says

Two popular Valentine's Day gifts – or rather, experiences – in 2018 were travels and hotel staycations.

Tesla’s Amazon store is another example of how the automaker is better at using online retail than its competitors, an expert says

Tesla opened a store on Amazon last week that sells branded merchandise like hats and diecast versions of Tesla vehicles.
Whole Foods is expanding rapidly into delivery and pickup.

Amazon’s earnings included a negative number, but the company said it doesn’t matter

Amazon's fourth-quarter earnings release included a physical-store sales number that confused some observers.

Amazon is about to look ‘cheap’: Analysts are doubling down on their bullish calls, even as the company’s growth slows

Amazon beat analysts' expectations for both quarterly profits and sales, but shares fell after the company offered investors weak guidance.

Amazon tops Wall Street’s holiday expectations, but offers weak sales guidance

The e-tailing giant posted results that were better than Wall Street's heady expectations. But it offered a weak sales forecast.
Walmart's website has a new Fanatics shop.

Walmart’s newest virtual mall addition reveals a hidden strategy to attack one of Amazon’s biggest strengths

Walmart is in a mad dash to increase assortment on Walmart.com and compete with the huge assortment of competitors like Amazon and Ebay.