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‘What’s there to spy in Malaysia?’ Mahathir asks, adding the country will use Huawei’s tech ‘as much as possible’

"If any country wants to invade Malaysia, they can walk through and we will not resist because it's a waste of time,"
A North Korean soldier, left, and a South Korean soldier at the truce village of Panmunjom in the demilitarized zone, about 34 miles north of Seoul.

Trump expected to visit South Korea to send a ‘significant’ message to North Korea

Trump is expected "to send a significant message to North Korea, either verbally or 'kinetically'" during his first trip to South Korea, Yonhap News reported.

China has sent troops to its first overseas base, which poses ‘very significant operational security concerns’ for the US

China's base in Djibouti has raised concerns about its activity in the region, but Beijing has repeatedly dismissed such worries.

China is going after South Korea’s wallet in their dispute over the THAAD missile system

Chinese consumers have turned their ire on South Korean companies in their dispute over the deployment of the THAAD missile-defense system.

Donald Trump’s election has the Philippine president singing a different tune

"We are both making curses," Duterte said. "I was supposed to stop because Trump is there. I don't want to quarrel anymore, because Trump has won."

The Philippines’ president is headed to China with high hopes, but he may be in for a rough landing

Rodrigo Duterte is going to Beijing to discuss regional issues, but in cutting deals he risks wounding his own standing at home and abroad.

The Philippines’ brash president is playing a geopolitical game he can’t afford to lose

The Philippines "does want to pursue a closer relationship with China, and it's a little bit more cautious in terms of how it approaches the United States."

‘We are in a deep state of economic crisis’

"We are in a deep state of economic crisis.’’