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Italy, France and the entire eurozone are following Germany into a manufacturing recession.

The recession in German manufacturing is worse than we thought

"Manufacturing conditions are now deteriorating at their fastest rate in more than six years," Pantheon Macroeconomics' Claus Vistesen says.
Yellen holds a news conference in Washington

Thousands of female economists say they’ve been sexually assaulted or discriminated against by colleagues

Female economists have for years dealt with pervasive sexual misconduct and discrimination in workplaces across the US, according to a new report.
Alan Krueger, then chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, during a briefing at the White House, November 26, 2012.

Alan Krueger, economic adviser to Obama and Clinton, dies at 58

Alan Krueger was an economics professor at a Princeton University who advised both Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Apple should give the iPhone XS and iPhone XR a permanent price cut

Demand for Apple's latest iPhones is low, but moving the starting price could change that.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s 70% tax on the super-rich is more popular than Trump’s tax cuts, new poll shows

According to an INSIDER poll, a plurality of Americans support a 70% tax rate on income over $10 million.
The effects of college are complicated.

It probably doesn’t matter where you go to college if you’re a well-off white man, but the stakes are much higher for everyone else

Studies suggest that where you go to college doesn't matter that much if you're a relatively wealthy white man. But it can matter a lot for women.
Recent damage from riot protests against the cost of living in Paris.

Austerity has measurably damaged Europe: here is the statistical evidence

Since the 2008 crisis there has been a debate about the right plan for economic recovery across the US and Europe. Was "austerity" the answer?
All good apologies come with one thing.

After a disastrous Uber ride last year, the company’s chief economist examined the economics of apologies — and discovered there’s s...

A team of economists studied how Uber customers respond to different types of apologies after they have bad experiences with the company. They found that effective apologies have one thing in common.
Hurricane Michael sweeps the beachfront properties of Shell Point, Florida, on Wednesday.

We asked insurance workers where they’d live in the US to avoid future natural disasters — here’s what they said

After a devastating hurricane and amid predictions of a global rise in temperature, the world was reminded yet again of the catastrophe made possible by climate change. Actuaries weighed in on where they'd live to avoid these conditions.
Paul Romer won half of the $1 million 2018 Nobel Prize in Economics on Monday.

Economist Paul Romer just won the Nobel Prize in economics — and his ideas sound like the backbone of Bill Gates’ philanthropy playbook

Two Americans won the Nobel Prize in Economics on Monday for their work arguing long-term economic growth can go hand in hand with a healthier, happier planet, if it's done the right way. William Nordhaus put a price on pollution, while Paul Romer focused on how new ideas can spur economic gains.