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China cancels plans to visit with US farmers next week

Chinese negotiators reportedly cut short trade talks with the US on Friday and canceled plans to visit American farmers next week.

The Fed pumps another $75 billion into markets and says more cash is on the way

The Federal Reserve ended the week with yet another attempt to calm money markets and an announcement that more injections were on the way.

The US exempts hundreds of Chinese products from tariffs

The move was widely seen as an attempt to shield American companies and consumers from price increases.

China just took another step to boost its struggling economy — but experts say it needs to do far more

China's industrial output growth slowed to 17 and a half-year low in August as the trade war continued to hurt producers.
Winnie Harlow.

Supermodel Winnie Harlow has defended herself for calling an economy flight ‘tiresome’ on Instagram after she had to give up her business ...

"Me not flying in business is a statement, not a moan. If the class mattered I could've waited for the next availability," the supermodel wrote.

A majority of Americans think Trump’s trade war with China is bad for the economy

Trump has generally polled better on the economy than on his general performance in office, that could pose real challenges for his reelection bid.
A woman shops at a supermarket in Beijing, China, October 15, 2015.

China’s economy faces a ‘triple threat’ — and one economist says the trade war is only part of the story

The three primary issues China faces are a projected population decline, a middle-income trap, and the trade war, according to a Nomura economist.

Global growth is set to hit a 10-year low as Trump’s trade war drags down economy

The OECD dimmed its outlook for the US economy, which it predicted would grow 2.4% this year and 2% in 2020.

The Fed is supposed to be independent from the White House. But Trump’s next pick for the central bank wants to challenge that.

Central bank independence is widely viewed as essential for a healthy economy and financial markets.

The Fed cuts rates for 2nd time since financial crisis — but defies Trump’s calls for ‘big’ stimulus

The move was broadly in line with expectations but far from the aggressive stimulus President Donald Trump has demanded in recent weeks.