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Tara Reade is interviewed by Megyn Kelly.

You can vote for Joe Biden without discrediting Tara Reade

Whether or not Tara Reade's accusation is true, it is certainly credible, and people working to discredit her are telling on themselves.

Joe Biden promises he won’t raise taxes for people earning under $400,000 if elected

Biden is seeking implement new taxes on wealthy individuals and corporations, including a rollback of the Trump tax cuts.

Trump made false claims about vote-by-mail on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s why the tech companies won’t ban him or take down the posts.

Both platforms determined that Trump's false claims about vote-by-mail this week don't violate their policies banning misinformation about elections.
Senior White House Advisor Jared Kushner is pictured at a daily coronavirus press briefing on April 2, 2020.

Jared Kushner says he can’t for sure ‘commit one way or the other’ to the November 2020 election due to COVID-19 — ‘but ...

"It's not my decision to make, so I'm not sure I can commit one way or the other," the president's son-in-law said. "But right now that's the plan."

Obama’s former adviser Valerie Jarrett talks about Trump’s ‘flat-footed’ response to the pandemic and advocates letting more p...

Valerie Jarrett says the time lost in the early days of the pandemic made it impossible for the US to use contact tracing to contain the outbreak.

Joe Biden is almost $200 million behind Trump in 2020 fundraising but Democratic strategists say they aren’t worried

Biden began April with $57.2 million cash on hand, while Trump had $244 million on hand — a nearly $187 million difference.

Joe Biden’s latest ad said Trump ‘rolled over for the Chinese’ on coronavirus, and people are calling it racist and xenophobic

Joe Biden's latest presidential campaign ad accuses President Trump of being soft on China vis-à-vis the pandemic. People are calling it xenophobic.
Joe Biden with Barack Obama.

Barack Obama formally endorses Joe Biden for president

"Joe has the character and the experience to guide us through one of our darkest times and heal us through a long recovery," Obama said in a video.

Many Americans will not have jobs to return to after the coronavirus pandemic ends, according to former US presidential candidate Andrew Yang

Entrepreneur and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang says the big misconception about universal basic income is that it somehow mitigates work.
Bernie Sanders raises his fist as he arrives onstage after winning the Nevada caucuses during a campaign rally.

Bernie Sanders pledges that every campaign staffer will be able to keep their healthcare plan through November

Sanders built his campaign around declaring healthcare a human right and calling for a single-payer national health insurance program.