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Don’t try too hard to sell your company, says CEO who sold his last company for $1.2 billion

Virtuestream CEO Rodney Rogers, who sold his company to EMC for $1.2 billion, says "companies get bought, not sold."

The CEO of $25 billion VMware denies a report that he’s stepping down amid a huge leadership brain drain

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger denies reports of him stepping down, despite persistent rumors of his resignation.

EMC forgave $400 million of debt from a startup it invested in

Pivotal announced a $253 million funding round, but recent filings reveal it raised another $400 million. Here's what happened.

There’s a serious brain drain going at VMware that no one’s talking about

VMware just announced President and COO Carl Eschenbach is leaving the company. He's just the latest in a number of executive-level departures at the company.

EMC says it will ‘restructure’ and do another round of layoffs at the beginning of 2016

It did not say how many people it will be cutting, but that the cuts would cost it around $250 million.

It’s official: Michael Dell will IPO SecureWorks

Dell hasn't revealed in the SEC paperwork how much money it hopes to raise from the IPO of SecureWorks, though reports have said the goal is $1 billion.

Larry Ellison thinks Michael Dell is ‘brilliant’ for buying EMC and will ‘make billions personally’

Oracle founder Larry Ellison has nothing but praise for Michael Dell and his pending acquisition of EMC.

Dell CEO says taking the company private was ‘fantastic for me’

Michael Dell says that taking the company private was a great decision.