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The breakdown of the most frequently used emoji, according to the Unicode Consortium.

We now know the 10 most popular emoji for the first time ever

The Unicode Consortium released a report of the most popular emojis for the first time, which informs what new emoji the group decides to add.

Here’s every single new emoji that just became available for iPhones

A peacock, lacrosse stick, teddy bear, and cupcake are all on the list of new emojis arriving on iPhones.

Apple changed its bagel emoji after outraged New Yorkers called the original design a ‘monstrosity’

Apple has changed its bagel emoji after commentators online criticized the graphic, with some saying the previous design "looks like something you get from a cardboard box in the freezer section at Walmart."
Welcome to the emoji future.

The world’s foremost emoji historian shares how emoji get made and what new emoji you can expect soon

On your emoji keyboard, you can specificy skin tone and gender for just about every person emoji, peruse nearly every country's flag, and enjoy an ever-growing selection of foods and sports. The creator of Emojipedia said there's much more to come, though.

Here are all 157 new emojis coming to smartphones later this year

The new emojis include a bagel, a smiley face wearing a party hate, and a superhero.

Here’s your first look at all the new emoji coming next year

Unicode just released the beta versions of the 2018 emojis and redheads, bagels, and kangaroos are on the list.

Here are the most popular emoji on iPhones in the United States, according to Apple

Apple released the ranking as part of a new math paper.

Here are all 69 emojis arriving on iPhones this fall

The new emojis will arrive on iPhones in less than a month.
The new WhatsApp emoji.

WhatsApp is rolling out its own set of emoji

They look similar to those of Apple's iOS, but with a slightly flatter look.

WhatsApp is getting its own set of emojis, but good luck telling the difference

WhatsApp released its own set of emojis Monday, and the characters look almost identical to Apple's versions.