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Footage seems to show a worker urinating on the production line.

Disturbing footage appears to show a worker urinating on the production line at the world’s largest pork producer, forcing the company to destro...

Smithfield Foods, the world's largest pork and hog producer, destroyed more than 50,000 pounds of its product after a worker allegedly urinated on the production line.
Are you a good boss?

26 signs you’re a good boss — even if it doesn’t feel like it

Here are some signs that you are an excellent manager that don't require asking for employee feedback.
So long, friend.

17 signs someone might be about to quit their job

Experts say a variety of signs could indicate that an employee may be about to quit their job, including a change in how they dress, how they interact with coworkers, and their behavior in meetings. Keep reading for a full list of indicators that an employee may be about to quit.
Amazon is making changes to its teams behind the scenes.

Amazon got rid of bonuses as it raised wages, and that might be better for employees

Amazon will phase out pay incentives as part of raising all wages to $15 an hour nationwide. A company spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider on Tuesday that employees will still have metrics to meet, but they will no longer be tied to pay.
Employees at a Syracuse, New York, Dunkin' (not pictured) were terminated.

Dunkin’ employees were fired after dumping water on a homeless man

Dunkin' employees were fired for dumping water on a homeless man after a video of the incident circulated online. The man said he was planning to charge his phone and call his mother in the coffee shop.

Telltale Games, the company behind games like ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Game of Thrones,’ has laid off almost all of its employe...

Telltale Games is reportedly laying off a significant number of employees, and will retain a crew of about 25 people. Last August, Telltale Games told Eurogamer that it employed about 400 people.
A Walmart employee using an Oculus Go headset.

Walmart is doubling down on a futuristic way to train employees

Walmart is expanding its program to train employees using VR headsets, and it will ship between two and four headsets out to every US Walmart store by the end of the year.
This is no laughing matter.

CVS’s notoriously long receipts have been turned into memes, made into Halloween costumes, and lampooned on national TV — but employees sa...

CVS promised to do away with its super-long receipts in 2016. But most shoppers say they're still around. Business Insider talked to five CVS employees from around the country to see if anyone uses these super-long receipts.
Duolingo's CEO won't rush into hiring.

The CEO of a $700 million company uses a simple sentence to turn lazy employees around

Duolingo CEO Luis von Ahn spoke to the Financial Times about an important leadership lesson he learned early in his career and discussed the strategy he uses to turn "lazy" employees into truly committed workers.

8 of the flashiest perks Apple employees get, from discounted iPhones to Maroon 5 concerts

Apple is now worth $1 trillion. Here's a look at some of the benefits and perks the tech giant gives its employees, from celebrity-studded "beer bashes" to discounts on Apple gear.