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Will Meghan Markle wear a tiara for her wedding to Prince Harry?

Meghan Markle could wear a custom-designed tiara worth nearly $700,000 on her wedding day — here’s how much the tiaras of other British ro...

Meghan Markle has the Queen's extensive collection of jeweled tiaras to choose from for her wedding to Prince Harry — but which one will she choose, if she wears one at all? Find out how much her potential tiara and the tiaras of other British royal brides may be worth.

Costco is selling diamonds worth $400,000 ‘between bulk AA batteries and dustpans’

Costco sells 10-carat diamonds worth as much as $420,000.
Deciding on a wedding budget will help couples stay within their spending range.

What the average wedding budget looks like in America, from the engagement ring to the wedding dress to the venue

The average wedding budget for American couples is over $30,000. See how couples across the US spend their wedding budget, from the venue to the wedding dress.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry aren’t afraid to break convention — and they may eschew another universal marriage tradition

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have already upended several British royal family traditions.

Everything you need to know before buying an engagement ring

Find out how much people are spending on engagement rings, the most popular cuts, settings, and how the "four C's" can effect price.

Jordan Spieth and longtime girlfriend Annie Verret appear to be engaged

Sweethearts since high school, it appears that Jordan Spieth and his girlfriend Annie Verret have made plans to tie the knot.

I spent 3 months finding the perfect engagement ring, and it was terrifying — but worth it

"As a guy, you can be as macho as you want, but it's freaky to go shopping for a ring. "

People living in these 3 states spend the most money on engagement rings

People in Nevada, Montana, and Washington are forking over a lot of money for rings.

Go inside America’s largest diamond factory, which is leading a revolution in the jewelry industry

Behind extremely tight security and a maze of various locked doors, diamonds are being examined, cut, and polished in the heart of Manhattan's midtown.