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Tom Bender and Greg Hochmuth.

Former Google and Instagram engineers got millions to take TV into the future — here’s what it looks like

"Longform, professional vertical video is the next trend in television," says Dreams cofounder and former Google product manager Tom Bender.
Donald Trump Kim Kardashian

Trump releases photo of his Oval Office meeting with Kim Kardashian West

President Donald Trump released a photo on Wednesday night of his White House meeting with Kim Kardashian West, which included discussing prison reform and sentencing, as well as pushing for Alice Marie Johnson's clemency.

NBC has saved ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ after a social media uproar from fans

Fans were devastated when Fox announced it wasn't going to renew 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine.' But NBC has picked up the show for a sixth season, possibly because of the volume of fan outrage.
Netflix binge watching is a common guilty pleasure, and sometimes you can't wait for your partner to watch the next episode.

I ‘Netflix-cheat’ on my partner — here’s how it affects our relationship

Netflix binge watching is a common guilty pleasure. Many opt to view the latest series with friends, family, or their significant other, but sometimes your streaming partner may not have the time to binge watch an entire season with you. Here’s what happened when I cheated on my Netflix partner.
Replacing TV with reading was more difficult than I expected.

I swapped TV for books for 2 weeks, and it didn’t have the effect I expected

TV has become a staple in many people’s routines, especially since we can stream shows and download movies in a click or two. As an avid TV watcher, I decided to rediscover my childhood love for books by replacing TV with reading for two weeks. Here's what I learned.

New data from LinkedIn shows how digital upstarts like Netflix and Spotify are taking over the entertainment business

Streaming services like Netflix and Spotify are overtaking traditional entertainment companies in staff size, according to LinkedIn data.
Trump has a favorite impersonator, and it's not "Alex" Baldwin.

Trump slams Alec Baldwin’s SNL impression of him as ‘agony’ while appearing to genuinely not know his name

Baldwin replaced long time SNL master impressionist Darrell Hammond at the start of the 42 season of the show, something that made Hammond cry.
The fictional city of Wakanda features high tech like you've never seen.

All the futuristic technologies in ‘Black Panther,’ and how close they are to becoming reality

Marvel's "Black Panther" featured fantastic technologies we've never seen before — or have we?

MoviePass’ parent slides after raising its stake to 78%

Shares of MoviePass parent, Helios and Matheson,

MoviePass terminated a ‘small percentage’ of its customers for violating the terms of service, but people are desperately trying to reacti...

After MoviePass terminated a "small percentage" of its users, customers are learning they did not violate the app's terms of service.