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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has railed against the credit ratings industry, while short sellers are piling into bearish bets.

Wall Street and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are on the same side for once — they’re piling skepticism onto the credit-ratings firm Equifax

The credit-score industry has also lured short-sellers, sending bearish bets in Equifax to a 17-month high.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his team during his congressional testimony in April.

An industry lawyer who’s represented Facebook and payday lenders will lead key consumer protection unit, despite Democratic outrage

Andrew Smith, a lawyer who's represented dozens of companies currently being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission, has been confirmed to lead the Commission's consumer protection unit, despite strong opposition from Democrats.

A former Equifax executive has been charged with insider trading for selling shares before the company’s massive data breach was announced

Jun Ying, who was next in line to be Equifax's global chief information officer, made almost $1 million on the trades, according to an SEC complaint.

Freezing your credit after the Equifax breach won’t prevent the most common type of identity theft — here’s what will

Most identity-theft victims have current accounts stolen, which Equifax's free credit freeze won't stop.
Unfortunately, large-scale data breaches aren't the only opportunity for criminals to steal your information.

Thieves are using regular people’s names and identities to swindle the US government in a new scam that puts anyone at risk

Equifax exposed the personal information of 143 million Americans — and fraudsters may be using that data to apply for FEMA disaster relief.

Equifax says its executives didn’t engage in insider trading

A report from a special committee formed by Equifax's board said that "none of the four executives had knowledge of the incident when their trades were made."
Sen. Eliizabeth Warren

Congress just killed a rule that would have made it easier for consumers to sue banks — here’s why people are so upset

The Senate passed a bill on Tuesday killing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's forced-arbitration rule after a bitter fight between parties.
U.S. President Trump turns to Speaker Ryan as he gathers with Republican House members after healthcare bill vote at the White House in Washington

Republicans just made it easier for you to get Equifax’d

OPINION: Companies like Equifax would love to take away your right to sue them, so the GOP will make that happen for them.

Someone dressed up as the Monopoly man is trolling the ex-Equifax CEO’s hearing in Congress

One enterprising attendee of the Senate hearing is trolling Smith, sitting behind him in the gallery wearing a top hat, bushy white mustache, and a monocle.
Former CEO of Equifax, Richard Smith

Congress slams ex-CEO of Equifax during his testimony

"I worry that your job today is about damage control: to put a happy face on your firm's disgraceful actions and then depart with a golden parachute."