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Beth Andres-Beck, co-creator of TLDR Options

This software engineer didn’t know how to figure out the value of her stock option grants, so she made this simple tool to help

It's impossible to know how much startup shares might be worth, but TLDR Options can help you make an informed decision.
Big companies like GE and Citibank are emulating Silicon Valley startups (but more competent ones than the guys from the HBO show).

Companies like GE, Citibank, and Dropbox have borrowed a tool from startups to avoid getting boring and stuck

Companies like GE and Citi have implemented pseudo-venture capitalist boards to oversee ambitious projects, and they've been very successful.

A Silicon Valley startup guru is building a new stock exchange designed to stop destructive short-term thinking from CEOs

Eric Ries is building a new US stock exchange meant to stop “self-destructive behavior” tied to public markets.