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Tim Anselimo was at one of the several people shot at a Madden 19 tournament in Jacksonville, Florida last year. The bullet struck him in the right hand and Anselimo has spent months rehabbing and learning a new way to hold the controller. The injury has left him with no feeling in his thumb. (Dustin Franz/for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

This pro gamer returned to competition 8 months after getting injured in a mass shooting and having his thumb surgically reattached

Tim "oLarry" Anselimo was shot 4 times during a mass shooting at a Jacksonville Madden tournament last year. After months of recovery, he's back in the NBA 2K League.
Daigo Umehara's comeback win over Justin Wong at Evo 2004 is one of the most legendary gaming moments of all-time.

Watch the most iconic moment in Street Fighter history from a brand new angle

Evo Moment #37, or the Daigo Parry, is one of the most iconic clips in gaming history, and new footage shows the full match from a new angle.

4 key things that came out of the meeting between Singapore’s PM Lee and Malaysia’s PM Mahathir

There might be an eSports exchange programme in the future.
Season 8 of "Fortnite" is a pirate-themed extravaganza.

The creator of ‘Fortnite’ is trying to shake up the PC gaming industry — here’s why a lot of fans are very upset over it

The company behind "Fortnite" launched its own digital storefront for PC gaming, and people are freaking out.
A former "Dead or Alive" champion is facing serious criminal charges.

A former esports champion reportedly confessed to more than 100 burglaries and blamed his crimes on the dwindling popularity of his game of choice

A former "Dead or Alive" world champ was arrested after allegedly stealing more than $23,000 from an 84-year-old's apartment.
Activision Blizzard's Overwatch League is one of the largest esports competitions in the world.

Esports revenue is expected to top $1 billion worldwide for the first time during 2019

Driven by sponsorships and media rights deals, analyst group Newzoo expects the esports industry to see significant growth this year.

A gamer tried to go pro by pretending to be a woman, and the scandal exposed an ugly truth about esports

An "Overwatch" player posed as a woman named Ellie to earn a spot on an esports team and sparked a toxic situation for the game's community.
London Spitfire overcame the Philadelphia Fusion to win the first Overwatch League championship.

Eight teams paid more than $30 million each to join the Overwatch League – here’s everything you need to know before the new season starts...

With 20 international teams and more than 170 players earning $50,000 or more, the Overwatch League has set a new bar for professionalism in esports.
Fortnite virtuoso Tyler "Ninja" Blevins appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to discuss his passion for gaming and streaming.

Jimmy Fallon and Ninja face off in a series of old-school video game challenges that came down to a tiebreaker

The competition came just days before Ninja will be featured in a special New Year's Eve live stream from Times Square.