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Activision Blizzard relies on local partners and regulatory approvals to operate in China, a key growth market.

3 reasons why Activision Blizzard punished an esports star for backing Hong Kong protesters

The video game giant risked alienating a joint-venture partner, an investor/collaborator, and regulators in China.
A person protesting Chinese internet censorship in Germany.

These 6 tech companies have made the controversial decision to try to operate in China, where the government can demand social media posts be removed ...

China's "Great Firewall" blocks content that the government deems sensitive, but some major tech companies have attempted to comply with China's laws.
A still from the live interview that saw pro esports player Blitzchung banned.

Blizzard’s former ‘World of Warcraft’ lead is boycotting the firm for punishing a ‘Hearthstone’ competitor who supported...

In a tweet posted on Wednesday, Mark Kern said he'll stop playing 'World of Warcraft' - a game he helped make - and criticised China's games industry.
Blitzchung (right) speaks out in support of Hong Kong protests during a post-game interview. The two commentators (left), ducked their heads after he made the remarks.

Blizzard is under scrutiny from lawmakers, gamers, and maybe even its own employees after punishing a ‘Hearthstone’ competitor who voiced ...

A single act of protest has garnered international attention and a massive backlash against one of America's largest video-game companies.

Consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation keep getting better, but gaming PC companies say they still have 2 big advantages

Gaming PC makers Alienware and NZXT don't think the gaming PC will die anytime soon. In fact, both companies say they still have two big advantages.
The K-Swiss "One Tap" shoes, in the wild. I was unable to wear any type of socks with these shoes. Please accept my apologies.

I tried the $200 K-Swiss ‘gamer shoes’ to see if they were worth the money, and I was sorely disappointed

In a surprising twist, there is no benefit to playing games while wearing K-Swiss's "performance esports shoes."

I read Ninja’s new book on professional gaming — these are the 6 most important things I learned

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is the world's most popular gamer, and "Get Good: My Ultimate Guide to Gaming" is full of tips on turning gaming into a career.
Alliance is one of the best "Dota 2" teams in the world, and they've got a chance to win $15 million at The International.

This esports team is competing for a $15 million prize. We talked to its coach and manager about what it takes to build a winning squad.

Alliance CEO and coach Jonathan "Loda" Berg and general manager Kelly Ong talked about how they built and support one of the best teams in esports.
Season 8 of "Fortnite" is a pirate-themed extravaganza.

The creator of ‘Fortnite’ is trying to shake up the PC gaming industry — here’s why a lot of folks are furious about it

As Epic Games locks down exclusive games from smaller indie developers for the Epic Games Store, the backlash has reached a fever pitch.