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Millennials are leading an investment revolution — and we spoke with the head of a $1 trillion provider to find out why

BI PRIME: Millennials represent the fastest-growing segment of the ETF market, according to a survey conducted by BlackRock's iShares business.
A trader stretches at BGC Partners in London, Britain, November 9, 2016.

European investors poured £100 billion of new money into the world’s hottest investment product last year

Exchange traded funds can offer much larger returns than simply investing in underlying assets.

The world’s hottest investment product is showing signs of slowing down

BI Prime: Exchange-traded-fund closures in 2017 hit a record high for a second straight year, and Citigroup says the fund landscape will continue to shift.
Some traders presumably debating the merits of the surging ETF market.

An obscure company is ground zero for the biggest debate in the stock market

More than 20% of Meredith Corporation's shares are held by ETFs, making the company a microcosm for the debate over passive investment.

‘A huge risk of contagion’: Everything you need to know about ETFs — the hot investment area that some think will cause the next fin...

"It is a huge risk of contagion. People are forced to do things they don't want to do, and the next thing you know the real economy is at risk."

Keep an eye on the $4 trillion ETF industry — it could start the next financial crisis

ETFs have seen massive growth since the last crisis, with growing numbers of investors opting to invest in ETFs rather than actively-managed funds.