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U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell  speaks in Washington

The Fed’s cannonball into bond markets drove $1 billion into the world’s biggest credit ETF in a single day

The central bank's plan to buy up corporate bonds and credit ETFs prompted an influx of traders looking to ride the Fed purchases to new profits.

Goldman Sachs files to create an unprecedented type of ETF that will keep certain details secret

The ETF could benefit from its lack of transparency, Goldman wrote, as it would likely face a lower risk of traders copying its investment strategy.
Workday Inc. Co-Founders Bhusri and Duffield applaud their company's first trade following the IPO on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange

Traders just piled the most money since 2016 into a popular emerging-markets fund — and it’s a wager that Trump’s phase-one trade de...

The influx arrived just hours before news broke that a US airstrike killed a top Iranian general and ratcheted up tensions between the two countries.

Here are the top 10 ETFs short sellers bet billions against in December

Traders put over $3 billion into the top three most-shorted bond ETFs "looking for interest rate movement leading into year-end," S3 Partners said.

The ETF market will hit $50 trillion by 2030, Bank of America says

ETFs are already seeing a growth rate of 25% that brings the total market to $5.3 trillion in assets at the end of 2020, according to Bank of America.

The $4 trillion ETF market scores a huge win, giving it the green light to grow faster than ever

The agency will no longer require simple exchange-traded funds to receive special approval before hitting markets, according to a Thursday statement.

The world’s top hedge fund so far in 2019 has seen its portfolio skyrocket 278%

The Singapore-based Vanda Global Fund is making a killing by investing in volatile exchange-traded futures across a number of asset classes.

The 3 major US stock indexes are fresh off record highs. Here’s how other popular investments have fared in 2019.

Though most investment tools haven't met the stock market's strong year-to-date performance, bitcoin and oil leapt upward in recent months.

Stock buybacks have been labeled a ‘bubble,’ a ‘panic,’ and ‘corporate self-indulgence,’ but an ETF that’s t...

An exchange-traded fund tracking US buyback activity keeps sailing to all-time highs despite political rhetoric swirling around the practice.
An employee holds a display of dried marijuana at the Fire and Flower store as the first legal cannabis stores open in the province of Ontario, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, April 1, 2019.

BNY has quietly started working with a marijuana ETF — and it’s about to be the first major bank to help the world’s largest funds i...

Institutional investors have previously avoided investing in cannabis because no federally-chartered banks would hold the stock. BNY has changed that.